Spitzer Space Telescope / Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Spitzer Space Telescope / Satanic Ritual Abuse

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NASA JPL scientists Michael Werner and Peter Eisenhardt have worked together on the Spitzer space telescope. In the first half, they discussed how infrared astronomy is aiding the search for exoplanets and extraterrestrial life and transforming our understanding of the history and evolution of our universe. Like the Hubble telescope, the Spitzer is named after a famous astronomer-- in this case, Lyman Spitzer, an early advocate for operating a telescope in outer space. The Spitzer telescope, a small-sized object, detects infrared radiation rather than visible light, Werner explained, and this information can be converted into images and spectra. Launched in 2003, it drifts far from Earth in orbit around the sun, he noted, and one of its most impressive discoveries was that of the exoplanets in the Trappist-1 system (view related images), seven of which are Earth-sized.

Eisenhardt spoke about his study of collapsing stars or brown dwarfs, only visible in infrared light (containing just 1% or less of the mass of our sun). He is also fascinated by very distant objects-- one galaxy studied by Spitzer emits light from 97% of the way back to the Big Bang (currently estimated to be 13.5 billion years ago). Another discovery by Spitzer is that of a previously unknown ring around Saturn, that if we were to see from a closer distance, it would appear as large in the sky as our full moon. Werner talked about the evolution of our sun, which in 5-10 billion years will be become a red giant and engulf anything it encounters possibly as far out as the orbit of Mars, and then blow off that huge atmosphere and shrink down into a white dwarf. Spitzer, he added, has found the remnants of solar systems orbiting these shrunken stars.


In the latter half, former Police Chaplain at the University of Akron Police Department, Russ Dizdar, spoke about satanic ritual abuse (SRA), and demonic possession and influence. Some crimes and criminals are related to secret government projects such as MK-Ultra, Project Monarch and Project Bluebird, he believes, and abuses he tracks are associated with sophisticated underground organizations. People involved with SRA have numerous demons attached to them, he cited, and he estimated that there could be up to 10 million cases in the United States involved in this. The mass murderer in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock, seemed to have no motive to commit the shootings, and Dizdar characterized him as being a "multiple" (a programmed sub-personality), who was triggered to kill, as perhaps a test to initialize hidden super-soldiers.

For demonic interactions, blood rituals are the "number one gateway...it's what the other side wants because there's physics in the doorway"-- chemicals or crystals in the blood that allow the demons to attach or feed, he outlined. Dizdar believes that dark entities use sleep paralysis to subjugate people to their will, either sexually or by pulling their spirit out of the body to draw them closer to their realm. Every SRA has what's called a protector personality that keeps them from trying to get help, he reported, but he's worked with people who were able breakthrough, and assist them via prayer and the name of Jesus.

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