Dangers of EMF & 5G / Pleiadian Contacts

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Dangers of EMF & 5G / Pleiadian Contacts

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Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman is the bestselling author of over 30 books on diet, detox, the environment, and women’s health. In the first half, she addressed what she considers the biggest threat of the 21st Century: EMFs and 5G. EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) seem to be the root cause for many mysterious symptoms including fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, dizziness, heart palpitations, and memory loss, she said. "And we have finally found one of the real reasons this is occurring...there is a real issue with calcium metabolism when you're exposed to all these EMF fields." In other words, she explained, we're leaking calcium into our cells, which means neurotransmitters don't work as well. This is why she recommends taking a daily supplement of magnesium (the sister mineral of calcium)-- five milligrams per pound of body weight. To further combat the effects of EMF, she suggested taking hemp seed oil, which strengthens cell membranes and naturally absorbs radioactivity.

The next generation of cellular technology, the faster 5G, is being rolled out without any biological tests to prove that it's safe, she cautioned. It uses a different type of wave than the current 4G and will require many more antennas placed closer to users in order to function. Tests of 5G were stopped in Geneva, Switzerland because people were getting sick, she reported. 5G when widespread will magnify the already toxic consequences of living in an electromagnetic soup, she continued, adding that there is a new diagnosis called "digital dementia" that refers to the breakdown of cognitive abilities from the overuse of digital devices. Gittleman also shared a formula for a protective 20-minute detox bath-- mixing two cups of salt, and two cups of baking soda into hot water.


In the latter half, Dale Harder, an ex-NASA employee, engineer, and ufologist talked about his identity as a kind of "walk-in" ET soul – specifically a Taygetean Pleiadian (hailing from one of the planets in the Pleiadian star system). The Pleiadians, he said, are currently in orbit around the Earth, some 300 miles out in a craft that is a mile-and-a-half in length, which runs on "crystal zero-point energy." The aliens, who look similar to us, are here to assess contact with humanity, he explained, and they have life spans that stretch from 900-1200 years. Previously, there was a threat from the Reptilians that they were safeguarding us from, but that danger has dissipated, he stated.

Pleiadian contactee Gosia, who runs the Cosmic Agency YouTube Channel, joined the conversation, and like Harder, she claims to receive direct communications from the Taygeteans through a computer program. The ETs are helping humans raise themselves to a new frequency that is being heralded by energy waves coming from the center of the galaxy, she revealed. But just because they're assisting us, doesn't mean that humanity shouldn't steer their own course, as the aliens aren't here as our saviors, she continued. Gosia suggested that some crop circles are made by ETs such as the Andromedans as encoded messages for other alien races in the "Federation." Harder reported that Earth's "secret space program" has been "impounded" by the Federation, and they are no longer free to roam about.

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