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In the first half, historian and expert in biblical prophecy, Jonathan Cahn, unveiled his latest work on what he calls the Jubilean Mysteries, seven doors or oracles that foretell the future and function as a "blueprint for end times." A Jubliean mystery, he said, is a 50-year cycle in which what was lost returns, and each door matches with a particular time when these mysteries come about. The coming of "The Stranger," as prophesied by Moses, was actually the author Mark Twain who visited Jerusalem in 1869, and this was around the time the Jewish people started to return to Israel, Cahn remarked. Twain was a man of words who helped trigger this, he added. In the next Jubilee year, 1917, the British government issued a decree that Israel should be returned to the Jewish people.

The visionary of the Israeli state was Theodor Herzl, who had a dream as a child of the Messiah telling him he wouldn't come back to our world until the Jewish people returned to Israel. Door number six of the Oracle represents the near future, Cahn stated, when the prophet Daniel spoke of "a one-world civilization that comes against Israel...and also against believers," and we are watching that unfold now. During end times, many turn away from faith, he noted, but those that remain will be like the Apostles and anointed in a revolutionary way. The seventh door, Cahn continued, refers to an ultimate Jubilee, a time in the farther future cited in the Bible that marks a return to paradise.


Spiritual medium Carole J. Obley has communicated with souls who have crossed into the spirit world in her thousands of private and group sessions and has earned a reputation as the real deal among psychic mediums. In the latter half, she discussed her contacts with the Other Side, and what she's learned about their experiences. She considers herself an "evidential medium," who can pick up facts through her inner senses known only to the person she is giving a reading to (the sitter). One message the departed consistently convey to her is that there is an afterlife, and their consciousness continues in the spirit realm.

A believer in reincarnation, Obley said she is sometimes able to see the past lives of her sitters, which appear as an image above their right shoulder. There are different levels of consciousness in the afterlife, she explained, but most people (who have led generally decent lives) transition into what she referred to as the "mid-realms." Beyond the idea that "they are still with them," spirits convey to their loved ones a variety of concerns, she detailed, sometimes dealing with regrets or choices, other times thanking them for letting them go. Obley recounted some of her experiences with the paranormal such as seeing an ectoplasmic entity in a mirror and a seven-foot-tall female shadow person who produced a foul odor. During the last hour, she provided readings for callers, receiving insights and communications from their departed loved ones.

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