Killshot & Remote Viewing / Cayce, Healing, & Past Lives

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Killshot & Remote Viewing / Cayce, Healing, & Past Lives

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In the first half, remote viewing teacher Ed Dames, Major, U.S. Army (ret.) discussed the current cases his agency (Matrix Intelligence Agency) is working on, Project Starman, and updates on the Solar Killshot and its possible connection to the Apophis asteroid (named after the Greek "god of chaos"). Apophis, he warned, is due to pass within 19,000 miles of Earth in 2029, and could be a candidate to kick off the sequence of events he has outlined in the Killshot scenario, which leads to catastrophic planet-wide destruction. However, such a sequence could happen sooner than a decade from now, he added. Pinpointed via "Project Starman" remote viewing sessions, the large structure at Chaco Canyon (pictured here) was the site of green fireball anomalies that were said to be under intelligent control, he detailed.

Rather than ETs, he used John Keel's term ultraterrestrials to describe many alien incidents, such as the Travis Walton abduction, which according to remote viewing sessions, involved "transcendental technologies" emanating from under the ocean. As far as ET activity, he stated that the creation of (non-human-made) crop circles are directed from an underground location on Mars, and that ancient mining on the Moon was conducted by robots left there by an intelligent race. Dames revealed that his team remote viewed the enigmatic Dyatlov Pass incident and one of the specific victims, whose ribs were fractured so severely it was as though she'd been in a car accident. "The thing that lifted her up in the sky and sliced and diced her," he said, then dropped her 300 ft. to the ground. He suggested that the "thing" responsible for this was the same force behind many animal mutilation incidents, where creatures seem to be airlifted and then returned with specific organs surgically cut out.


In the latter half, authority on energy healing and mind-body medicine, Dr. Shelley Kaehr, talked about her studies of Edgar Cayce and his healing techniques, her work with gemstones and their recuperative properties, as well her trips to Egypt and past life memories. She has coined the term "Supretrovie" to describe an externally induced past life memory triggered by travel to certain locations such as Cairo, Egypt, where after visiting the pyramids she was engulfed with nightmares of a past incarnation. She experienced the life of a suffering worker who helped to build the giant structures. Cayce, she added, believed he had a previous life as Ra-Ta, a High Priest in Egypt.

In her newest book, Kaehr outlines how to work with symbols that Cayce recalled from his Ra-Ta existence, which she refers to as Egyptian energy healing. While on one of her trips to Egypt, she purchased a moonstone ring (see below), in which she saw various spirits and different time periods pass through before an "alien" eventually became encased in the stone. She also described seeing a bright blue being in her mind's eye while in New Mexico, who cued her into new modalities of healing, such as working with holographic mapping (grids of light).

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