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Researcher Paul Stonehill began his appearance with a discussion of the enduring mystery of the 1959 Dyatlov Pass incident, in which nine hikers were found dead under confusing and macabre circumstances. The incident has continued to baffle investigators with issues such as unusual and incomprehensible injuries and the apparent confusion and panic under which the victims died. Stonehill described it as "a secret wrapped in an enigma" with massive internal injuries to some of the dead, but without any trauma to the skin or surface of the bodies. Although numerous theories have been offered, Stonehill said one of the most unusual was the legend of the "golden woman," who, like the notorious "Banshee," was supposed to be able to kill with her piercing scream, which Stonehill compared to injuries sustained with weapons that utilize infrasound.

The rivalry between the USSR/Russia and the West did not (and does not) extend to paranormal subjects. He has uncovered evidence that the two sides cooperated and shared research and data on UFO incidents and other areas, such as with cryptids like Bigfoot. In Russia, he said that hairy bipeds have been known by many names for "thousands of years" and are generally described as being under six feet tall, possess "pointed toes" and "emit strange sounds." Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has a "keen interest" in paranormal phenomena and has actively pursued research into these subjects, he added.

Stonehill also discussed the enigma of Lake Vostok, located under "3700 meters of ice" in Antarctica. The lake was officially discovered in 1960, but strangely, drilling to examine the surface of the lake began three years earlier. The surface temperature of the water is minus three degrees centigrade, and it is dotted with geothermal vents, as well as playing host to microbial life which survives in an environment of total darkness. Stonehill has heard from scientists stationed at the drill station that UFOs are seen on an ongoing basis, and that there are rumors that something "technological" has been detected in the lake.

Another extreme environment being studied by Russia, China, and Japan is the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific, which is the deepest place in the world, Stonehill noted. On the first expedition to the area, he says a "craft with portholes" was observed at an extreme depth. He also described reports of underwater objects all over the world which "are seen moving at incredible speeds." The mysterious occurrence known as the Tunguska Event destroyed a vast area of Siberia in 1908. Stonehill shared that one of the early theories was that some sort of "alien spaceship had exploded," and evidence of this is what early expeditions to the area were seeking. No one has yet been able to determine the actual cause, and Stonehill said that the findings of the first researchers on the scene are "still locked up."

Actor and comedian Dave Foley ('Kids In The Hall'/ 'A Bug's Life') joined the program in the first half-hour to report on this weekend’s "Storm Area 51" event, which he attended. Foley remarked that we are apparently "reaching a tipping point in the culture, where it [UFOs] will no longer be a subject of mockery."

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