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British astronomer and science writer David Darling maintains a large online collection of information on all aspects of science, technology, mathematics, philosophy, history, and science fiction. Darling began with commentary on the Navy UFO footage that has been in the news for the past couple of years. He did not dismiss the authenticity of the videos and witness testimony, and said, "for the first time we have something that definitely serves further examination," although he hastened to add that an "alien spacecraft is way down the list" of possibilities at this time. Moving further out, he remarked that most of the observable universe is still unknown to science, and that this lack of knowledge is the most interesting question facing humankind.

Darling talked about the theory of the Big Bang and its implications. He said that the figure of nearly 14 billion years was set as the age of the universe based on "turning back the clock" on the observable stars and galaxies and their rate of expansion. At the proposed moment of the first existence of the universe, he said that "something created an explosion" with almost infinite temperatures and the four forces (gravity, magnetism, and the two atomic forces) all came into existence instantaneously from some kind of prime force. One theory proposes that billions of alternate universes also began at this time and that they are still being created. From there, Darling said "complexity emerged out of simplicity," giving us the reality we currently occupy. The scientific question he would most like answered: "Is there intelligent life out there?" He guessed that by the sheer number of planets, there must be.


In the second half, writer Michael Fitzhugh Bell updated his story of being drugged, abducted, and surgically implanted with microchips. He says that he has the actual medical photos, X-rays, ultrasound and MRI images, all showing non-therapeutic tracking and torture devices. His saga began when he was abducted from his apartment in Hollywood, California and woke up eight days later with unexplained scars all over his body. He concluded that he was "probably part of a massive clinical field test" of mind control and behavior modification devices which he refers to as "implanted nanotechnology." He believes a car accident in his teen years in which he was traveling with the child of a wealthy family may be the source of his troubles, with revenge as the motivation.

Bell estimates that there may be approximately 100,000 people in the United States who are undergoing the same ordeal. He believes he is a "signature or hard target," which he says is the highest level of testing and monitoring of what is known as the phenomenon of "targeted individuals" (T.I.s). The technology that is being tested on these victims is "50, 70, even 100 years ahead" of current, publicly known devices, he added. He says that targeted individuals are controlled and followed by teams of "eight to twelve" people who control victims through devices, "organized stalkers," and even unwitting participants who are controlled by their own sets of "handlers." Bell considers the issue of T.I.s to be "the biggest secret ever" in humanity's history.

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