Kensington Rune / Ancient Symbols

Kensington Rune / Ancient Symbols


HostJimmy Church

GuestsScott Wolter, Jason Quitt

Knights Templar expert Scott Wolter is involved in a pursuit to understand and authenticate the Kensington Rune Stone, found in Minnesota in 1898. Wolter says that the stone is an "authentic medieval artifact" and has deduced that it was left at the site by the legendary Knights Templar. He joined Jimmy Church (Twitter) in the first half to discuss new scientific findings and documents that show a vastly different story of North American history than the current narrative, which includes revelations that the medieval Knights had a role in the European exploration of North America, uncovering layers of cryptic code that authenticates the Rune Stone once and for all. Wolter said that the stone was carved in 1362 and describes a land claim. He further revealed that the location where the stone was found has "a direct long-range alignment" with a structure on the East Coast that is a Templar structure.

In answer to scholars who say that no one could have crossed the Atlantic Ocean before Columbus, Wolter said that it "wasn’t difficult at all" if explorers knew how to read the stars and could provision themselves for a three to five-week voyage. He said that there are clues in carvings, monuments, documents, and geography that the Templars visited North America in the 14th century and before, and that academics who disagree with this version of history have not looked directly at the evidence. These clues are written in a symbolic language, some of which Wolter thinks "have remained uncracked to this day." Wolter urged listeners to study the early history of North America to realize that "the beginning of this country did not happen in 1776; it happened in 1362."


There is a mysterious grid that is the fabric of everything, according to Jason Quitt, a graduate of the Institute of Energy Wellness and a student of Algonquin Shamanism. This grid is the template that all structures and life forms are born from, with wisdom passed down generation to generation through symbols, myths, and teachings. In the second half, Quitt explained that all natural things "follow a specific pattern of growth," and that these correspond to ratios and numbers that repeat through the structure of galaxies to the smallest living things. Quitt provided evidence that these patterns and ratios were known by the ancients, who built their temples and other spaces based on them.

A basic pattern of this order is seen in the so-called "flower of life" symbol, which he Quitt believes underlies many natural structures, such as the geomagnetic grid that covers the planet. The guest also said that where these magnetic lines cross are "portal" areas where the dividing line between our world and other dimensions is thin. Beings can pass through to our world from these places and we can also go to theirs, Quitt believes. This knowledge was revealed to the ancients, he said, through altered states of consciousness. From these ideas, Quitt has concluded that we live in a multidimensional world and that consciousness survives physical death.



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