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Alcohol Fuel & Power Outages / Psychic Locator

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In the first half, expert in alternative fuels and sustainable agriculture, David Blume shared updates on the ecological benefits of alcohol-based fuels. He also discussed the implications of what the recent power outages in California mean to the rest of the nation and our outdated power grid. The blackouts in Northern California were supposedly set by Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE) because of heavy winds and heat making the region more susceptible to forest fires. But, the wind was only 2MPH, and the temperature was 70 degrees during the outage, Blume reported, "so the whole story didn't hold together," and he suspects it was a way for customers to pay for PGE's costs. Though PGE pushes natural gas as a cleaner option, it's not renewable like alcohol fuel, he added.

One of the ways we can make the grid safer, he pointed out, is to decentralize it through "microgrid" technology, in which different neighborhoods provide their own power, such as through converted diesel generators that run on emission-free alcohol. The burgeoning marijuana industry uses a lot of energy, and has reached out to Blume to install microgrids for their greenhouses. The exhaust from the alcohol-burning engine actually produces CO2, which, when cooled, is excellent for the plants and helps them grow more, he enthused. One cargo or freighter ship puts out as much pollution as 15 million cars, he cited, and these vessels could run well on clean alcohol-based based fuels instead of diesel. Some port cities are demanding that ships enter using only clean fuel so as not to pollute their environment, he stated. Blume invited the audience to a sign a petition to automakers to bring Flex Fuel to more vehicles.


Psychic consultant and dowser Ginette Lucas is known for working with police, families, and businesses on various projects, from missing persons, finding missing objects, and solving mysteries. In the latter half, she detailed some of the high-profile cases where she's been called upon, as well as her methodology and career evolution. During two near-death experiences, she was given startling information about her life that led to her becoming a psychic. Her father, Louis Matacia, was a well-known dowser and locator who worked for the US military and government, and encouraged her to pursue this unusual path. Lucas developed a technique of using "dream incubation" to receive information about missing persons cases, which she said has proven to be quite accurate over the years.

Employing a dowsing L-Rod, she deciphered the location of bodies in a Williamsburg, VA serial killer case that she had been asked to investigate by a DEA agent. But she was cautioned by the FBI that they couldn't further explore that location because it was a top-secret Naval area. In the Karyanne Sheldon missing child case, Lucas had a vision of the little girl climbing up a hill near a river when the mother had stepped away, and then saw a spinning washing machine in her mind. This led her to conclude that the girl drowned, and indeed her body was found in the water. She also described her premonitory dreams about such events as 9-11, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the tsunami in Indonesia, which she had up to two weeks before they occurred.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Lauren Weinstein

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