Global Chaos & the Deep State / Energy Vampires & Empaths

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Global Chaos & the Deep State / Energy Vampires & Empaths

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In the first half, publisher of the World Affairs Brief, Joel Skousen, offered political commentary, and shared concerns over global chaos, possible world wars, and 'Deep State' conspiracies. Regarding the impeachment process, he believes there's a conspiracy afoot among Democrats and establishment Republicans to get rid of Donald Trump (those Republicans plan to run Mitt Romney in his place, he suggested). But, according to Skousen, the evidence against Trump is flimsy, and he could be re-elected for another term even if he was removed from office. Hillary Clinton has been taking a major role in the media acting as a "corrective" for the Democratic party, and he suspects she may sweep back in to run in 2020, as Democrats become disenchanted with the "socialist" agenda of candidates like Warren and Sanders.

Regarding the situation in Syria and Turkey, "the real reason our troops are in Syria is to get at Iran," he said, adding that it's a Deep State or globalist game plan, which seeks to create ethnic conflict, "knowing that the conflict will eventually give them an excuse to come back into those countries and take control of the oil." Skousen has long contended that Russia and China will team up for a military first strike against the United States-- it's evident that these two nations are building up significant weapons of mass destruction, he said, adding that this attack is part of the globalist agenda, so they can claim power in the aftermath. Such attacks, he continued, would be aimed at America's military targets both domestic and around the world. The Deep State is much more powerful than people realize, he added, and he believes that keeping Trump in office is ultimately one of the best ways at fighting against them.


In the latter half, psychic psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff talked about the increase in empaths (sensitive people who can feel others' pain and emotions) and the energy vampires who prey on them. Energy vampires can range from fairly innocent folk who aren't even aware they're draining others to full-blown narcissists who have "empathy deficient disorder" and make no attempt to relate to others' feelings. Interestingly, there can be a "toxic attraction" between empaths and narcissists, she pointed out. She advises empaths to "notice their emotional triggers" so they don't readily surrender their energy to psychic vampires. She also recommends visualizing a strong shield around one's body to act as a protective mechanism against energy attacks.

Empaths or sensitive people should try to keep their exchanges short with energy drainers and maneuver themselves away from them, Orloff continued. While narcissists can be charming and charismatic in the early stages of a relationship, as a test, she advises provoking a conflict with them to see how they'll react-- they often show their true colors and reveal a dark side in this situation. In such couplings, Orloff noted that the narcissist may use "gaslighting" techniques to convince the empath that they are incorrect about their observations or facts. Many can't entirely avoid the energy vampires in their lives, and she suggests using a calm, firm tone with them that isn't judgmental (or implying they're doing something wrong) while practicing limit setting, so they know what is considered acceptable behavior.

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