Mysteries of John Keel / Quantum Remote Viewing

Mysteries of John Keel / Quantum Remote Viewing


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsBrent Raynes, Douglas James Cottrell

Brent Raynes joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the amazing life and work of UFO and paranormal researcher John Keel and the true and incredible events Keel investigated. Raynes began corresponding with Keel at the age of 14 in 1969. At the time, Keel was deeply involved in the 'Mothman’ investigation in West Virginia. The Mothman legend began with a sighting in November of 1966 by witnesses who saw what they described as "a giant bird" with red, glowing eyes that chased their car at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Raynes mentioned that many of the original Mothman witnesses had subsequent sightings and also experienced "poltergeist activity in their homes." Some also had visions of Christmas presents floating in the water. In December of 1967, the Silver Bridge, which spanned the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, collapsed killing many people who were returning from holiday shopping.

Raynes also recounted a few bizarre events from Keel’s life, such as an incident which occurred at nearly precisely the same time as the Silver Bridge incident. Keel spent most of the day with an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. Some time later, Keel encountered the friend’s wife and told her of the visit. She said her husband had died nearly two years before in 1965. Raynes also described Keel’s first UFO sighting at age 7 when he observed "a brilliant illuminated sphere" which followed his parents’ car. Near the end of his life, Raynes recalled, Keel seemed to get more "dark and gloomy" and felt that "we were going to come to a cataclysmic end." Nevertheless, he also said that the author enjoyed the company of his literary agent and a small circle of friends in his home of New York City right up to the end in 2009.


Douglas James Cottrell is best known as a trance clairvoyant, a spiritual healer, and teacher who demonstrates many abilities studied by Noetic Sciences (the study of consciousness), including telepathy, energy healing, and remote viewing. He joined Richard in a live on-air exercise he called the Quantum Remote Viewing Experiment to show that anyone can learn to remote view. Richard and the listeners were encouraged to remote view an object that Cottrell had on his desk. Cottrell advised that "attempting to overcome doubt is the first thing" when attempting to mentally view a hidden object. He also said not to "reason it out - don’t guess, don’t think." In his mind’s eye, Richard said he saw "a vision of an arch, like the arch in Missouri" and "something very shiny." Cottrell congratulated him and encouraged more exploration. He also offered "stainless steel" and "a tail - what has a tail section is an airplane"

Paul in Massachusetts said he saw "goldish or brass color, wiry, filigree work." Eamon, also in MA, said the object was "silver and like a watch." Barbara in Maine said her "first impression was a silver color and I see a pair of scissors." At the end of the first hour, all guessing was closed and Cottrell revealed that the object was in fact a stainless steel model of a three-engined aircraft (images.) Cottrell is also known as a "medical intuitive" who says he can sense health issues in people and "pinpoint the source of the pain, problem" or whatever the imbalance might be. Cottrell also mentioned a case of a missing hiker who he visualized as dead and lying in a creek. The man’s mother asked after him on one of Cottrell’s programs and he said that the unfortunate outdoorsman was later discovered in the exact condition that Cottrell had predicted. In the last half hour Cottrell offered his intuitive advice on health problems from callers.

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