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Date Host George Noory
Guests Benjamin Baruch, Christian Conte

In the first half, accountant and financial Analyst Benjamin Baruch discussed climate change, how current events reflect prophecy from the Book of Revelation, and how Russia and the massive destabilization of the Middle East play into prophecy and a coming global war. Based on his analysis of the Bible and political trends, Baruch believes that we are presently "heading towards a world war that ends in a nuclear conflagration." He said that the US military has been fighting insurgent wars for the last 20 years and that, at present, "we are not even equipped to confront a foe like Russia or China." He also mentioned that "we will never pay the principal back" on a US deficit of $23 trillion and that Europe is in a similar crisis.

Taken together, (and with the added indications from biblical prophecy and his own visions of Armageddon-like events) Baruch believes that these are classical conditions that presage war. He stated that if people can see the indications of what he called "the overture period" when countries are preparing for war "within weeks" that they can leave the major cities where most of the destruction will occur. He believes that the United States will have "only 30 million" survivors after this war. Baruch addressed the issue of climate change and revealed that "sources in the Air Force and at NASA" have told him that the cause is increased radiation from nearby neutron stars and that this is "heating up the core" of the Earth and causing fluctuations in the planet's magnetic field, which in turns heats up the atmosphere. 'Global warming,' he added, is being used by governments as an excuse to increase taxation.


Counselor and anger management specialist from the National Anger Management Association, Christian Conte, PhD, has generated successful results for violent criminals, family therapy, and professional athletes. He said that he once asked his father why he chose Earth Science as a profession, and he replied: "all your life you are stuck on one planet, so you should know that planet." Conte said that he realized that he would be stuck in his body the rest of his life, so he should get to know that person and that this was the genesis of his interest in psychology. He added that his mother taught him to "walk into conflicts instead of away from them," and try to defuse tense situations. The situation we have at present where "people can say anything in anonymity" online eventually translates to interactions with others in real life. This, he explained, causes issues such as "families split part and not talking because they don't share a belief system."

Conte does work with anger management in prisons and with death row inmates. He has found that "many people when they're angry... can't see the future," so he asked some of the inmates to imagine themselves in the future and if they could live with the consequences of their actions in the present. He reminded them and others he's worked with that "you cannot undo your actions." To keep ourselves from becoming too frustrated and aggressive Conte advised that we should "align expectations with reality." None are immune from psychological issues, he believes, concluding that "the world boils down to two kinds of people: there are people who have issues and dead people."

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Lauren Weinstein.



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