Against All Odds: Our Universe / 'X-Files' Cases

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Against All Odds: Our Universe  / 'X-Files' Cases

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In the first half, physicist and professor Robert Piccioni discussed the extraordinary odds required to form a universe by chance, which features just the right geometry, genetics, and geology to sustain life. He cited how descriptions from the book of Genesis and the Big Bang theory share remarkable similarities in life springing forth from nothingness. Darwin's theory of evolution is compelling, he added. Yet, it doesn't account for what started the spark of life-- the transformation of inanimate matter into the first vibrant living creature. The essential requirements for life are "finely tuned" in our universe, he noted, including stars providing energy and the right atoms, a suitable habitat (we have the Earth), and a recipe for assembling and sustaining life. The odds are very close to zero that this situation arrived by chance, he commented.

Not only is the Earth remarkable in its positioning (being the right distance from its star, having the right mass, the right sized moon, and the right atmosphere), but qualities of the universe itself seem uniquely harmonized for our existence. This includes over twenty different variables such as proton mass, carbon resonance, amount of antimatter, and expansion rate. Piccioni also pointed out how exceptional our DNA is -- human DNA contains 100 billion atoms that form 3.2 billion symbols written in 4-letter code. To him, this indicates that life cannot have formed through any random chemical process known to science.


Former national security investigator for the US government, John DeSouza is a researcher and experiencer of paranormal and spiritual phenomena. In the latter half, he discussed X-files type cases which were previously off-limits, but he can now openly talk about, as well as his work on clear-hearers. A clear-hearer, he explained, is an individual with the ability to perceive a voice of authority that tells them helpful, supportive, even lifesaving information. He recounted the case of a state trooper, who relied on clear-hearing to cue him into taking the right actions, which netted the most massive bust of cocaine by a single officer.

DeSouza detailed his investigations of "UFO portals" opening up over various locations. In particular, he spoke about an incident that occurred over New York City on the night of December 27, 2018, when a blue flash was seen, and video recordings of it were made all around the city. The authorities claimed the glow was caused by an electrical surge and explosion at a Con Edison station. But DeSouza suggested this may have been a cover story. He has found similar incidents throughout the world, including in Phuket, Thailand (where objects were spotted inside a red cloud), New Delhi, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City. He also characterized aspects of the 9-11 attacks as anomalous or paranormal in nature, in which unknown technology and weaponry was employed, possibly by a "breakaway civilization."

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Jerome Corsi

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