Mysterious Vanishings / Time Travel Revelations

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Mysterious Vanishings / Time Travel Revelations

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In the first half, investigator David Paulides discussed his new work on mysterious disappearances in Canada, just documented in his ninth book. Paulides said that while working on his second Missing 411 film, several people brought up stories out of Canada, and he decided to check his case files for incidents occurring in that country. He found that the most active area in the world for these types of cases are the forests and shorelines around Vancouver, British Columbia. He described the history of missing persons around the Mount Seymour area of British Columbia, with dramatic and eerie cases stretching back to 1953.

Paulides noted that tracking dogs brought to sites of mysterious disappearances will often either walk in a circle or "go five feet and stop," which he said is not normal behavior for these animals who are trained to search. Of the many theories about unsolved disappearances, he is particularly intrigued with the idea of gateways to alternate dimensions. He noted that a physicist told him that "other countries are trying to weaponize dimensional portals." One law enforcement officer he spoke with claimed that he saw something that looked like "a sheet of glass or a fog" in the wilderness, which his foot seemingly disappeared into when he extended it into the area. Paulides said that one common feature in many of these incidents is that the victims "don't feel well" just before they go missing, complaining of headaches, nausea, etc.


Dr. Michael Salla is known for his work exposing US government policies on ET life. He began his segment with a discussion of the phenomenon of "QAnon," which he described as someone or a group within the US government that is "deeply associated with the highest levels of military intelligence," and has started a "mass movement" to expose what is known as the "Deep State." Salla and others believe that QAnon works with the Trump Administration and that its posts may even be authored by the President when they are signed with the author as "Q+." He also spoke about a secret project called "Looking Glass" that allegedly worked with time travel technology taken from a crashed UFO or at the very least, back-engineered from one.

Salla detailed the life of famed UFO "contactee" George Van Tassel and his claimed contacts and visitations with extraterrestrials from the 1950s to his death in 1978. He referred to him as "an amazing person," whom the US military intelligence community "took very seriously" but was publicly ridiculed for his unusual claims. Salla drew comparisons between himself and Van Tassel since he was "targeted and removed" from the university where he was teaching in the early 2000s. He reviewed claims about time travel developed by the Vatican and how it was "handed off" to the CIA, as well as Andrew Basiago's contention that he saw Art Bell in a secret AT&T space and time travel facility in 1971, when Bell was supposedly working on "classified NATO projects."

News segment guests: Peter Breggin, Steve Kates.

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