Michael E. Salla

Michael E. Salla


Dr. Michael Salla is a pioneer in the development of exopolitics. He is the author of twelve books that include Kennedy's Last Stand (2013) and Galactic Diplomacy (2013). Dr. Salla was an Assistant Professor/ Researcher in Residence in the School of International Service, American University from 1996-2004. He has a Ph.D. in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia. He is also the Founder of the Exopolitics Institute, a non-profit organization that analyzes the political implications of the extraterrestrial presence. Most recently, he is the author of Space Force: Our Star Trek Future (2021) which is the sixth book in his Secret Space Programs series.



Past Shows:

  • Alternative Health / 'Dark Fleet' & Antarctica

    Pharmacist and nutritionist Ben Fuchs shared alternative health tips on supplements, diet, and lifestyle. Followed by Dr. Michael Salla on various countries' secret space programs in Antarctica, conducted in cooperation with ETs.More »
  • 'Star Trek' Future / UFO Contact

    Researcher Michael Salla discussed a possible 'Star Trek' future for space travel with collaborative programs and ventures among nations. Followed by writer and producer Alan Steinfeld deciphering the UFO contact experience.More »
  • Israeli Scientist ET Revelations / Dolphin & Whale Interactions

    Author Michael Salla reported on the Israeli scientist who claims the US has reached secret agreements with aliens. Followed by Bobbie Merrill on her ten-year journey into the magical world of wild dolphins.More »
  • Space Force & Disclosure / Tales of FATE Magazine

    Michael Salla discussed the newly formed Space Force and UFO disclosure. Followed by Cheryll Jones and her interview with Phyllis Galde of FATE Magazine.More »
  • China's Secret Space Program / Psychokinesis & Alien Healing

    Michael Salla shared details of China's secret space program. Followed by Nancy du Tertre, with an unusual tale of psychokinesis and alien healing.More »
  • Mysterious Vanishings / Time Travel Revelations

    David Paulides delved into unsolved disappearances. Dr. Michael Salla spoke on time travel, UFOs, and QAnon.More »
  • Inside Area 51 / Secret Space Program

    Timothy Green Beckley described the history and lore of Area 51. Dr. Michael Salla spoke on secret technologies.More »
  • Ancient Technology & Stone Circles / Secret Space Program

    Michael Tellinger discussed his research into ancient structures and technology. Followed by Dr. Michael Salla on revelations of a secret space program.More »
  • Antichrist Perspectives / Antarctica & Secret Space Force

    Mark Biltz shared perspectives on the Antichrist and prophecy. Followed by Michael Salla on Antarctica and developments with the 'secret space program.'More »
  • Military & Leadership/ QAnon Revelations

    Jocko Willink & Leif Babin spoke about the wider application of military leadership principles. Followed by Michael Salla on QAnon conspiracies.More »
  • Alien Mummy and Missile Range Mystery

    Linda Moulton Howe revealed a strange, alien-looking ‘’mummy’’ as well as the mysterious 'Area 29' located in White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.More »
  • Antarctica's Hidden History/ The Power of Dreams

    Michael Salla discussed Antarctica's hidden history. Followed by Kelly Sullivan Walden on the power of our dreams.More »
  • Geopolitics & Current Events/ Secret Space Program

    Craig B. Hulet revealed global power structures. Dr. Michael Salla spoke about the secret space program.More »
  • George Noory's Birthday Bash

    In a heartfelt evening, George Noory's birthday celebration featured numerous surprise guests and callers.More »
  • Alien Abductions & the Bible

    Ali Siadatan discussed alien abductions, hybrids, and the Bible. In the first hour, Michael Salla talked about an object hidden underneath Antarctica.More »
  • Gravity Revelations/ Secret Space Program

    Researcher Maurice Cotterell discussed his work on gravity. Followed by 'Exopolitics' pioneer Michael Salla on the secret space program.More »
  • BTK Killer/ Secret Space Programs

    In the first half, Katherine Ramsland, director of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program at DeSales University, discussed her most recent work studying Dennis Rader, the B.T.K. killer who remained on the loose for thirty years. In the latter half, exopolitics pioneer...More »
  • Bilderberg Group & ETs/ Internal GPS

    In the first half, pioneer in the development of exopolitics, Michael Salla discussed his latest article, "Resolving The Bilderberg Group Mystery: Global Banking, Nazis, and Alien Alliances." In the latter half, entrepreneur and teacher Zen Cryar DeBrucke talked about how...More »
  • Whistleblowers & the Secret Space Program

    Exopolitics pioneer Michael Salla joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss whistleblowers and the secret space program. In the first hour, retired professor of history at Temple University and ET researcher David Jacobs revealed the disturbing alien agenda to control humanity.More »
  • Current Events & Cover-Ups/ Secret Space Program

    In the first half, commentator and talk show host Michael Rivero, who monitors a variety of controversial topics, spoke about current events, cover-ups, and political skullduggery. In the latter half, pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics,' Michael Salla (book link)...More »
  • Bohemian Grove/ Exopolitics

    In the first half, author and media analyst who specializes in exposing secret societies and the New World Order, Mark Dice, discussed the secretive and strange Bohemian Grove, the elite men's club hidden deep within a 2700-acre redwood forest in Northern California. In the...More »
  • Decision Making/ Disclosure & Whistleblowers

    In the first half, Paul O’Brien, a bootstrap entrepreneur who took something he loved and turned it into an internet business with 10 million registered members, talked about his new book (available as free ebook download), Great Decisions, Perfect Timing. In the latter...More »
  • Ghost Encounters/ Exopolitics

    In the first half, host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed author Rob MacGregor for an exploration into the realm of ghosts, spirits and entity encounters as well as celebrities and the supernatural. In the latter half, Dr. Michael Salla, a pioneer in the development of exopolitics,...More »
  • Artificial Intelligence & Serial Killers

    Douglas Preston, who worked for several years in the American Museum of Natural History, is the author of the acclaimed nonfiction works Dinosaurs in the Attic and Cities of Gold, in addition to a number of bestselling novels. He discussed the latest advances in artificial...More »
  • Mars Special

    In this special evening, five guests (Mike Bara, John Brandenburg, George Haas & J.P. Levasseur, and Michael Salla) discussed anomalies and possible ancient artifacts on Mars.More »
  • America's Lost Secrets

    Rob Simone (email) was joined by researcher, filmmaker and radio host Josh Reeves for a discussion on his quest to uncover the ancient history and forgotten past of the Americas. In the first hour, exopolitics pioneer Michael Salla commented on NASA footage that appears to...More »
  • Hitler's Escape

    Author Jerome Corsi talks about his new book, Hunting Hitler, which explores the historical possibility that Hitler escaped Nazi Germany at the end of World War II. FBI and CIA records indicate that the U.S. government took seriously reports that Hitler had escaped to Argentina....More »
  • Exopolitics & Contact

    Pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics,' Michael Salla discussed evidence of contact that is surfacing through major international agencies such as the Vatican, as well as the issue of diplomacy with ETs. First hour guest, Earnest Cobb, who has won over $10.3 million in...More »
  • EMP Threat

    Former policy analyst for the Dept. of Defense, and currently WND's Washington senior reporter, Michael Maloof, discussed how everything from our daily routines to our national defense will be crippled by an EMP attack. First hour guest, pioneer in the development of...More »
  • Secrecy, Sightings, & Exopolitics

    Pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics', Michael Salla discussed disclosure, secrecy, and changes in the way science and religion views ET contacts. In the first hour, Clif High shared a recap of some his 'web bot' hits, as well as presented some dire predictions for...More »
  • 2012 & Planetary Changes

    Author Whitley Strieber talked about 2012, possible reasons why the Mayans predicted the end of the world in this year, and changes to Earth and the solar system. He was joined by author/editor Bob Gleason, an expert on 2012. Last hour guest, pioneer in the development of...More »
  • ET Policy & Disclosure

    Pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics,' Michael Salla spoke about how government policies are evolving around the issue of ET and UFO disclosure. He views disclosure as being part of a process that in many ways began with Steven Greer's 2001 press event. He foresees a...More »
  • Exopolitics, ETs & the Vatican

    In a special evening on the subject of 'exopolitics,' several guests reacted to the Vatican's comments about aliens (see below), and the UK's release of UFO files. In the second hour, UFO journalist Paola Harris noted the quotes that Rev. Funes made were likely sanctioned by the...More »

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