Montauk Project Revelations / Oswald and his Doppelganger

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Montauk Project Revelations / Oswald and his Doppelganger

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Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano, whose film about the Montauk mystery inspired the hit show "Stranger Things," has spent a lifetime searching for the truth behind some of America's most unusual stories. In the first half, he joined Richard Syrett to continue their recent conversation (his phone connection was mysteriously lost on the 11/29 show), on the secretive Montauk Project. The defunct military base known as 'Camp Hero' in Montauk, NY (on the eastern coast of Long Island) dates back to WWII. Beginning in the 1980s, Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron made claims that they were transported to the base via an underground railroad from Brookhaven National Lab, Garetano recounted. Bielek and the others reported that horrific mind control experiments took place in subterranean labs, using predominantly kidnapped male teenagers from the area.

Further, Bielek, Nichols, and Cameron made elaborate claims about participating in experiments involving such things as time travel, teleportation, ET contact, and interplanetary travel at the base. Garetano recognized various sci-fi plot elements and tropes from their accounts and concluded that the science-fiction aspects to their story likely served as a distraction from a quite real series of abusive experiments conducted on local youth. Preston claimed that after the kids were kidnapped, they were tortured with beatings, and given mind-altering drugs. When their brains became "fractured" by the trauma, mental programming was inserted that could allegedly trigger specific behaviors. Garetano cited brutal experiments conducted on inmates at Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia as precedence for this kind of activity. Further, in a recent investigation of the Montauk base, he worked with the GeoView team from Florida, who made "electrical resistivity" tests in the ground. They found a vertical slice of an enormous underground structure that was not supposed to be there.


The key to JFK's assassination is not the guilt of Lee Oswald but the innocence of "Harvey Oswald," an employee of the Texas School Book Depository and an agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence, who was murdered by Jack Ruby. That is the argument put forth in the latter half by Dr. George Schwimmer, author, past-life expert, and Oswald biographer. He laid out a case that there were at least two Oswalds (see related image comparison), as well as two Marguerite Oswalds (Lee's mother). The men's lives were deliberately scrambled up, he said, and there were many inconsistencies related to their appearance, personality traits, and abilities, such as Harvey speaking Russian without any accent, while Lee grew up in New Orleans.

On the day of the assassination, "there were probably seven or eight shooters, and Lee Oswald was one of them," Schwimmer detailed. "He was in the southwest window, which is the opposite side of the building where people claim...He came down the backstairs after firing one or two shots," and he was seen going out the front door. Witnesses reportedly saw Jack Ruby hand him a handgun, and a few minutes later, Lee escaped into a Nash Rambler. Meanwhile, Harvey was standing on the steps at the front of the Book Depository building, he continued, and could not have been where the Warren Commission tracked him. After his getaway, Lee Oswald was observed driving a red convertible, and later in the day was seen on a plane flying to Roswell. "Lee Oswald was never seen again," Schwimmer added. "I feel pretty sure he was eliminated."

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