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David Rowland is a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and a philosopher in the original sense of the word, meaning "lover of wisdom." In the first half, he shared his contention that much about astrophysics has been wrong for over a century, including theories about the "Big Bang" and dark matter. The Big Bang couldn't possibly have happened, he said, because it's a logical non-sequitur. "The universe is defined as everything which exists. If something happened before the universe, then that was also part of the universe," he stated. Further, astrophysicists and cosmologists realize that nothing cannot be the cause of something, but they follow the mathematics that leads them to the Big Bang theorem.

Rowland views the universe as something that is always there-- a timeless realm that has no beginning or end. He finds Einstein's theory of general relativity, which suggests space-time curvature imparts gravity, to be implausible. Space and time are concepts rather than things, he explained, and the geometric aspects Einstein references are abstractions not based on physical objects. The idea of dark matter or dark energy, said to exist because of gravitational effects, also makes little sense to Rowland. "Physics has no answer for the cause of the universe," he concluded, "because whatever the cause is has nothing to do with physics."


With a master's degree in counseling psychology, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost channels the spirit "Seth," whom he believes is the same entity that previously communicated through Jane Roberts. In the latter half, he shared new messages from Seth regarding the awakening of humanity, as well as forecasts for exciting times ahead in 2020. According to Seth, negative leaders who control the planet are manipulated by negative gods, yet, there is also a group of higher dimensional beings called the Council, a spiritual hierarchy who oversee our reincarnational pathways.

Frost revealed that Seth sees a probable near future in which there will be revelations of how those in control have hoodwinked the populace, and this sets off a mass awakening. A being such as Seth, Frost continued, is not bound to our idea of time, and is actually counseling humans in what we would consider to be thousands of years ahead of us. Frost's wife Carol, an astrologer and blogger, was briefly interviewed by George, and spoke about "joy healing." During the second hour, Seth answered questions through Frost. Interestingly, one of the callers was a woman named Monica, who channeled her own entity, Nathan. Speaking as Nathan, in a British accent, "he" concurred that more corruption would be disclosed in 2020. Seth commented that Nathan was a personality fragment of an individual who once lived, and is now somewhere between our dimension and the 4th dimension, and that he offers genuine wisdom though filtered through Monica's biases.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport

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