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Medical Algorithms / Psychic Energies

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A board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Marilyn Singleton graduated from Stanford and earned her MD at UCSF Medical School. While still working in the operating room, she attended UC Berkeley Law School, focusing on constitutional law and administrative law. In the first half, she discussed how technology and algorithms would soon be making medical decisions instead of humans, to maximize profits at the expense of what's best for the patient. It's a slippery slope in terms of how we use this data, and she is concerned that we are losing our sense of humanity. She reported that Google's Nightingale Project has been collecting private medical data unbeknownst to patients, and that Amazon has developed software to transcribe confidential patient-doctor conversations.

She related a chilling incident that could be a telling sign of our medical future. At a Kaiser Hospital, a robot with a TV screen across its chest, entered a patient's room and a remote doctor via the video screen informed the man that he had a terminal illness. Singleton recommends that patients speak up for themselves. They can ask that their health records be kept on paper rather than inputted into data systems, in order to minimize unwanted information sharing. She also suggested alternative health plans such as direct payments (which can be 1/3 the cost of what insurance companies charge with their special codes for each procedure), and a type of medical subscription access called Direct Primary Care. For more, see her article "Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Angels of Death."


In the latter half, clinical psychologist with a deep interest in psychokinesis (PK), Joseph Gallenberger, talked about how we can use our psychic energy to affect and change our realities to create the circumstances we need or want. He reported that PK (the ability to affect physical systems through purely mental or psychic activity) has been statistically verified in experiments, such as at the Monroe Institute, and there have many successful instances of it in his Las Vegas workshops. The outcome of dice rolls and slot machines can be particularly malleable to PK, he suggested, citing how after one of his seminars, participants rolled 48 numbers in a row with no sevens, and had great slot hits. When they left, in two hours, one hit a Royal Flush (40,000 to 1) and nine other jackpots.

Gallenberger also spoke about his new 'Forgiving Heart' audio meditation. The best energy for healing, manifesting, and PK, he believes, is the energy of love-- that is, having a wide-open heart and sense of abundance. It became apparent that a roadblock to the highest sense of energy and joy was holding onto any grudges, or feelings of victimhood or hurt, he explained. The Forgiving Heart, he continued, is designed with sound technologies of binaural beats and gamma stimulation, which foster a meditative state in which the listener is encouraged to forgive and release anything big or small, to free up energy.

News segment guest: John M. Curtis, Dr. Peter Breggin, Steve Kates

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