Nostradamus & Prophecy / New Year's Predictions for 2020

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Nostradamus & Prophecy / New Year's Predictions for 2020

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Considered an authority on Nostradamus, the occult, and parapsychology, John Hogue, returned to update his prophecy alarm. Hogue sees the coming decade as the "most decisive decade for the future of the human race." He added that these next few years will see "the first great contraction of the Aquarian age" with the end of patriarchy and centralized power, and moves to "respect the power of the individual" where "rebellion is the catchphrase." Hogue also foresees an intensifying of partisan politics moving into the next election cycle, and "another oligarch" as a successful presidential candidate.

Hogue commented on the possible supernova event that some are predicting for the star Betelgeuse and that this would align with Hopi prophecy of a "great purification" of humanity. He related prophecies that heralded the coming of "the fifth world" (following the destruction of four others, such as from the biblical flood), including "cobwebs in the skies" (jet aircraft), and a "house in the sky" (the International Space Station). He said that this event would come to pass through "fire" as represented by climate change or war. Hogue sees a period of more revelations about the UFO subject, continuing the theme of more openness in the near future. In conclusion, he remarked that the coming decade will be "redefining everything it means to be human."


In the second half, George hosted the long-standing Coast to Coast AM tradition of reading listener predictions for the previous year and recording new predictions for the year ahead. He declared that Nathan was correct in his previous year's prediction that there would be more paranormal news this year. Bill in Connecticut proffered that in this year's presidential election, "Joe Biden will go against Mike Pence and beat him." Sarah in Iowa asked if George ever kept a New Year's resolution, and he replied that he didn't wait for the New Year to make a resolution. Mimi in Texas, referring to the Coast staff, said "whatever Coast to Coast has been receiving in the past is going to double this year."

Jordan in Kansas envisions that "Donald Trump will be elected and the Democrats will be devastated by this." Richie in Virginia predicted that "we will have some surprises in March, June, and September-- something to do with the impeachment trial." Cole in Texas said that "Christ is coming back with Jimi Hendrix." Mike in Colorado made another political prediction, saying, "Pete Buttigieg will win the Democratic nomination and become the 46th president." Mary in New Jersey had no prediction but expressed the wish that "at least 25% of the homeless" find shelter this year.

News segment guests: Michael Shedlock, Charles Coppes

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