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Gun Rights / Intention Experiments

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Nationally syndicated talk radio personality, author, speaker, and award-winning gun rights activist, Mark Walters is one of America's loudest voices defending the right to bear arms. In the first half, he discussed his work defending the 2nd amendment. He began by sharing a personal incident from 2002, in which he avoided a potential carjacking and violence by unholstering his handgun and pointing it directly at two criminals as they were attempting to get into his car, stopped at a traffic light in Tampa, FL. The two men retreated to their vehicle. Guns held by law-abiding citizens act as deterrents and save lives, he cited, and in 95% of such cases, the trigger is never even pulled.

In a recent incident at a church service in Texas, a gunman fatally shot two people before an armed member of the congregation quickly fired on him. Because the service was streamed live over the Internet, Walters believes this offered the public and the media a prime example of how arming ordinary people can stop or reduce carnage from mass shootings. American media often tries to downplay these kinds of stories, he argued, but in this case, the evidence was clear that lives were saved by the gun-carrying individual. Regarding the problem of the mentally ill being able to buy guns, there are sometimes mistakes made in the background checks system, he conceded, but the gun rights community wants this fixed and has lobbied for that. He also addressed the controversial issue of whether truckers should carry guns in their vehicles when their companies have a policy opposing weapons.


Author Lynne McTaggart is one of the central authorities on the new science of consciousness. She is also the architect of the Intention Experiments, a web-based global laboratory. In the latter half, she spoke about the miraculous power of group intention and some of the astonishing case studies of miracles and spontaneous healing. 29 out of 33 of their experiments have shown positive effects, she reported, including getting seeds to grow faster, reducing violence in war-torn areas, and recovery from health challenges (sometimes instantly). Her most recent experiment dealt with opening up a blockade in the country of Yemen, and used Israeli, American, and Arab subjects concentrating on this intention. Just after the experiment, there was a cease-fire called for a time, and the blockade opened up, she detailed, adding that the different factions participating in her experiment opened up communication lines with each other. This has inspired her to conduct an experiment in 2020 with Republicans and Democrats sharing a common intention.

Interestingly, participants often report positive alterations in their lives after the experiments, such as getting along better with people they come into contact with and having more compassion for them. McTaggart has found that sending out intention can be made more powerful when it is practiced by groups of people rather than individuals but that the number doesn't need to be higher than eight. They can sync up in a sense of oneness, she said, sometimes to the point where it's almost like an out-of-body or altered state experience. In her workshops, she has explored the concept of time and "retro-intentions." Rather than people trying to change a disturbing incident in their past, she explained, they learn to transform their response to it.

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