Technology & Manipulation / The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

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Technology & Manipulation / The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

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Dr. Nick Begich has been disclosing different aspects of technology and control for the last 25 years. In the first half, he discussed how technology is dehumanizing on many fronts, including the way those in power can censor, manipulate, and invade privacy. His prescient book, Earth Rising, written back in 2000, predicted a Cambridge Analytica type model, and warned that we were headed into a "total feedback loop designed to manipulate for political and commercial purposes." And that's what has transpired-- some 68 governments were interfered with by data manipulation, he reported. Social media should really be considered as social manipulation, he commented.

The ability to look across billions of people's electronic footprints allows companies, governments, and other concerns to become highly adept at predictive modeling, and to shape political and purchasing decisions, he outlined, as well as to limit the flow of information in some cases. Over the next five years, he foresees the increased use of social media to influence and manipulate outcomes, and less trust of mainstream media. He also lamented the rise of the surveillance state, with people continually being tracked and recorded as they go about their lives. "Technology," he added, "in many ways can be our adversary, and we need to find a better balance or we are lost in the zombie trance."


In the latter half, author and astrologer, Leslie McGuirk discussed a huge astrological event happening this Saturday (January 12, 2020), which could bring tough lessons and challenges. The event is a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which occurs every 33-38 years, and generally signifies turbulent occurrences. With Saturn (representing the taskmaster/drill sergeant) and Pluto (the Grim Reaper/death & rebirth) joining forces, certain astrological signs will be more affected than others, she noted, particularly Capricorn and Cancer.

Aries and Libra will also have effects from the conjunction, which we've been building toward in 2019 and before, she cited. Some people are decamping to New Zealand to avoid the chaos around the conjunction; others are just planning to lay low. A lot of fear and anxiety have permeated through our culture as of late, she remarked, and the transformative power of the conjunction could offer a chance for a reset. McGuirk also talked about millennials' rising interest in astrology, and how the practice can shed light about compatibility with those in our lives.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport

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