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NDEs & Nonsense Language  / Crop Circles & Healing

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Raymond Moody, MD's seminal work, Life After Life, has sold over ten million copies and completely changed how we view death and dying, and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). In recent years, he has researched Shared Death Experiences (SDE), which are similar to NDEs except they occur not to the person who is dying, but to their loved one who is "invited along" to witness the aftermath of physical death. In the first half, he talked about the mystical applications of "nonsense," specifically abstract, poetic, or irrational language and ideas that can open up the mind to unforeseen or unknown possibilities that are akin to how we might conceptualize the afterlife.

Nonsense is actually a more complex form of language than that with ordinary meanings, he continued, and we can reformat our minds "so that we can think about things that don't make sense in a logical way." This kind of experience can help us comprehend NDEs, or prepare us for them, he added. SDEs offer evidence that the near-death experience is not just the activity of an oxygen-deprived brain but something more tangible, he noted. In one such instance, a physician who had never met the patient before, was treating him for cardiac arrest in the ER. "As he was resuscitating this man," Moody recounted, "he saw the man's life sort of flash up around him" in a variety of scenes.


One of the world's leading crop circle photographers, Lucy Pringle, has had her images used worldwide on TV, and in films, books, and magazines. In the latter half, she discussed the decades of scientific investigation into the therapeutic and energetic effects of crop circles, including case histories of healing from conditions such as Parkinson's and chronic pain. Many of the crop circles in the UK occur near sacred sites where crossover energy lines run through, she noted, and the formations often feature complex geometric shapes or designs. For example, the Martinsell Hill crop circle contained 28 pentagrams, and 140 concisely formed isosceles triangles, putting into doubt whether humans could have made such a meticulous pattern in a short space of time.

She has studied some 800 different reports of what happens when individuals go inside a crop circle. Interestingly, not all of these experiences are positive, she revealed-- in some cases, people (including herself) report ill effects. One beneficial incident she detailed involved a woman named Colette who entered a circle with a broken collar bone, and later, X-rays showed that her fracture had healed in an unusual manner. A woman named Mary, suffering from severe Parkinson's symptoms, asked Pringle to take her into a circle. She brought her to one where people were describing strong feelings of well-being. Mary sat in the center of the circle for around half an hour, and her frequent shaking stopped for a full 24 hours afterward. Pringle has concluded that even after a farmer has removed a crop formation, the healing energy signature can remain in the ground.

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