Empowerment Solutions / Cycles of Cataclysm

Empowerment Solutions / Cycles of Cataclysm


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJohn Demartini, Celeste Solum

A specialist in human behavior, researcher, author, and global educator Dr. John Demartini has developed a series of empowerment programs, solutions, and strategies. In the first half, he discussed how he helps people break through the barriers that keep them from experiencing their true potential. "Don't compare yourselves to others," he advised, "compare your daily actions to what you value most." When we set goals or objectives not aligned with our values, we tend to procrastinate, he noted, and this can lead to depression and stress.

His program, known as the Breakthrough Experience, is an intense two-day seminar in which participants face their blockages or emotional baggage, and gain a self-mastery of the mind. They learn to prioritize their life, "to shine not shrink," as well as stop supporting the outer authorities and build up their own inner authority. Demartini also talked about the importance of gratitude, which he views as a natural confirmation that a person is seeing things as they are. "I'm a firm believer that when you're grateful for what you've got," he added, "you get more than you're grateful for."


Former employee of FEMA, and journalist specializing in government and military affairs, Celeste Solum is also a student of biblical prophecy. In the latter half, she talked about ancient cycles of cataclysm and how the current destabilizing of climate and possible geomagnetic reversals could be harbingers of the 7th cycle of extinction on Earth. She believes that during the period of 2020-2050, we'll experience a convergence of cycles and prophecies, a kind of "perfect storm" involving the Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy.

The magnetosphere or magnetic field has been diminishing, and there is a danger of a sudden plummeting, such as what occurred 12,000 years ago, she reported. This could set the stage for an extinction event, as cosmic radiation floods into the Earth and alters the DNA of life, she warned. Solum revealed a secret government plan to "leapfrog" extinction by creating specialized life forms or bringing back former creatures like dinosaurs. She also foresees military advances during this period of cycle convergence, with soldiers embracing the integration and embedding of sensors and AI into their bodies. For more, check out related graphics (PDF) she provided.

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