Prophecy & the Antichrist / Ceremonial Magick & the Occult

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Prophecy & the Antichrist / Ceremonial Magick & the Occult

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In the first half, Christian author, speaker, and teacher, Tim Cohen, joined George Noory to discuss how current events are aligning with biblical 'End Times' prophecy, the identity of the Antichrist, as well as evidence for complex biological life elsewhere in our solar system. He believes the prophesied 7-year-period of the Tribulation may be at hand, which begins with a treaty enforced upon Israel by other nations of the world. Cohen has concluded that the Antichrist, spoken of in prophecy, is none other than Prince Charles. He claims that the royal family has been involved in witchcraft and Druidry over the years, and adopted the image of the red dragon (a symbol of Satan).

Further, Charles' Coat of Arms has an unusual unicorn figure with human eyes, which Cohen correlated with Daniel's prophetic writings about a world government leader associated with a single-horned being. NASA has been lying to the public for a long time, Cohen continued, adding that there is a great deal of fossilized evidence on Mars, right on the planet's surface. These ancient creatures, he explained, were "flash-fossilized" by massive flooding, and because the water quickly dissipated, they were not buried or hidden in the mud. For more, view related images Cohen provided us.


In the latter half, author and ceremonial magician Lon Milo DuQuette talked about a variety of topics including classical magick, the Tarot, demystifying the Qabalah, and the life and work of Aleister Crowley. According to Crowley, ceremonial magick is "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." DuQuette defines it as a "dramatic spiritual art form that can awaken potentially powerful forces and energies," naturally residing within our selves. Magick, he continued, could be thought of as a tool of self-realization and enlightenment through one's creative imagination and visualization.

Tarot cards are structured around Qabalistic lines, and are "a perfect mathematical snapshot of the mechanics of creation," he commented. The cards, DuQuette continued, incorporate different occult traditions such as John Dee's Enochian magic and the Goetia "demons." The Chinese divination system of I Ching is also based on a pure mathematical system, he cited. Ancient magicians, he added, used the powerful secret of personifying their problems as "demons" in order to achieve liberation from them and peace of mind.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Jeff Nelken

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