Tim Cohen

Tim Cohen


Timothy (Tim) Cohen is an internationally-known author, teacher, speaker, researcher, analyst and computer technologist. He wrote four years of high school computer programming curriculum for the Denver Public Schools (DPS) while in junior high and as a high school sophomore, was a Silicon Valley research intern with Atari at sixteen, took first place in the Colorado-Wyoming Science Talent Competition at eighteen, and was recognized for his early Computer Science work by the U.S. Department of Education, the Colorado State Board of Education, the Denver Public Schools’ Superintendents and Board of Education, and others. Cohen attended the USAF Academy (class of 1998), and served in the USAF.

He is a small business owner, IT professional and corporate officer. Cohen deals with prophecy, history, theology and exobiology. Called by God in 1987 to be "him who has understanding" (Rev 13:18), Cohen has researched and written what many are now coming to view as Christendom’s foremost prophetic and theological works (Rev 19:10). Additionally, he is now offering the world actual disclosure on complex exobiological life elsewhere in Earth’s solar system, among other startling related revelations.



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