'Art of War' Strategies / Handling Skeptics

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'Art of War' Strategies / Handling Skeptics

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In the first half, authority on Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Gary Gagliardi, discussed the ancient Chinese philosopher's principles of "winning without conflict" and how these ideas can apply to peoples' personal lives and business interactions. Sun Tzu's work doesn't address the mechanics of war or weaponry, but rather how the human mind works under competitive conditions. "It's not about fighting each other for position," he explained, "but it's about understanding what a position is and how you advance it over time." You can really figure out a lot about people by watching what they do rather than what they say, Gagliardi added.

Sun Tzu notes that people will grow weaker by fighting all the time, and that we should be cautious about preserving our resources. He advocates seeking out opportunities-- such as meeting needs that aren't being filled by others. For Gagliardi, he jumped into the computer field while it was still in its early days. The only way to get ahead is by solving people's problems, he added, and after making even the smallest amount of progress on a project, one should proclaim this and not keep it hidden.


What can you do if your partner doesn't believe in the afterlife, ETs, or anything paranormal? Whether it's your partner, mother, brother, or BFF, a clash between your beliefs and theirs can cause major problems in the best of relationships. In the latter half, intuition expert and paranormal researcher Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, shared advice to help handle the skeptics closest to you. "The problem," she said, "is that most people who say 'I don't believe,' 'I don't want to hear it'-- is that they haven't taken the time to do their own reading, their own research." Wilson thinks it's healthy for people to be skeptical about claims, but she is concerned when loved ones turn to bullying, threatening, or withdrawing love because they disagree with a belief system.

Rather than trying to change a skeptic's mind, she recommends showing them how enriched your life has become through holding spiritual beliefs, such as about souls and the afterlife. Wilson faced this issue first-hand with her husband, who was quite skeptical of her beliefs, but after she conveyed some messages to him from his deceased mother, he became more open-minded. She is offering a free ebook "When Your Partner Doesn't Believe" (co-written with Victor and Wendy Zammit) via her website, and will be speaking this weekend at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles (including as part of George Noory's panel). Wilson is also featured in a new TV series available on Amazon Prime, Life to Afterlife.

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