Spontaneous Healing / Past Life Therapy

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Spontaneous Healing / Past Life Therapy

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Jeffrey Rediger, M.D., is on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and is the Medical Director of McLean SE Adult Psychiatry. In the first half, he described his studies of spontaneous healing, pioneering the use of scientific tools to investigate recoveries from incurable illnesses. Rediger described his childhood and background as "very conservative" before he left for college and earned his medical degree. A friend diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer described a Brazilian clinic where seemingly miraculous cures were being accomplished. At first incredulous, Rediger looked into more cases and eventually discovered at least 100 other cases of seemingly spontaneous remission from cancer.

Those he studied tended to get better by first modifying the diet and repairing the immune system and then mentally healing the stress response to both their disease and events and situations in their lives. Rediger said that he was not taught the importance of nutrition in medical school, but now believes it is one of the most critical factors in preventing disease. He suggested that processed food and sugar were perhaps the most harmful things in the American diet. Positive emotions such as laughter and love also have a valuable effect on health, he noted. Rediger added that those who cured themselves tended to look at their lives differently, and "decided to live as well as they could in the time they had left" which often contributed to remissions of disease.


One of the world's leading authorities on energy healing and mind-body medicine, Dr. Shelley Kaehr, discussed her studies of the American prophet, Edgar Cayce, and the healing techniques he championed during his trance sessions. She described Cayce's early life and how his bedridden state contributed to his bouts of apparent channeling of something he called "the source." This allowed him to apparently see into the future, as well as diagnose disease and suggest cures for countless people, asking for his aid. Kaehr has developed a system using healing symbols from Egyptian mythology derived from Cayce's work.

She said that people come to her "as a last resort" when trying to discover the source of their fears, phobias, panic disorders, trauma, OCD, and PTSD. She works with clients to find the source of their issues, and "sometimes those events are in past lives." When the negative event is discovered, she works with people to eliminate the feeling associated with the event. Kaehr reported that the past life may not even be a literal reality for some of her clients, since there is no way to actually prove the issue, but what is important is "helping people to find peace and release."

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