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Urban Survival / Open Lines

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Martial artist, survival expert, and author Stefan Verstappen joined Richard Syrett in the first half to discuss step-by-step instructions on how to form communities to solve many, if not all, of the social ills and problems plaguing our world. From health, finance, and disaster, they discussed how anyone can form a community to separate themselves from systems and governments Verstappen called psychopathic. "The more we can separate ourselves from them," he declared, "the better it is for us." Verstappen believes that the end of modern self-reliance came with the start of government assistance programs in the 1930s.

He suggested plans for small groups to form cooperative associations to save money and gain self-reliance. He gave the example of a small group of families working together to qualify for a wholesale retailers license to buy food at a "40 to 50%" discount. Asked to answer accusations that he was "right-wing," Verstappen said "if it's right-wing to resist slavery, then I'm right-wing." He added that "Western civilization is on the downward bend of the curve" and that preparing for adversity now will keep people safe and self-reliant when institutions begin to fail.


The first caller on Open Lines was John from Ohio, who begged to differ with Verstappen, saying that cooperative groups would "be overwhelmed by the business interests." Bruce in Canada said he noticed Chinese students in his town have been buying and sending "boxes and boxes of masks" home to protect their families against the coronavirus. Dorothy called in from Oregon to say that she is 70, has emphysema, and would like to stop smoking. Richard said she'd be put on the Coast prayer list and that she should call back in eight weeks with a report.

Johann called from Switzerland to state his belief that the coronavirus is "manufactured...[and] is intended to kill billions of people." Charles in Texas lamented the loss of the neighborly attitude in his state and blamed it on Hollywood's depictions. David in California said that the original meaning of "the pursuit of happiness" in the Declaration of Independence was to own land. Willow in Oregon said that she quit smoking by not stopping at the stores where she used to buy cigarettes. Mike in Kansas described a dramatic UFO sighting with his mother, which appeared as a "great big massive light."

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