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Astrology of Presidents / The Alien Puzzle

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In the first half, astrologer Mark Lerner celebrated President's Day by reviewing the charts of various presidents as well as those of this year's presidential candidates. Donald Trump's chart connects more to the 1776 US birth chart than any other President he's studied, Lerner revealed, which is part of the reason he defeated Hillary. Trump, he pointed out, will need to win the same three swing states he won in 2016 to be reelected-- Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Mike Bloomberg's astrological chart is also connected to the United States, he cited, and has the powerful planet of Saturn at the top of it. Plus, Lerner continued, Bloomberg has slightly better upcoming cycles than Trump, with Jupiter and Saturn moving into prominence.

In contrast to Trump's Mars energy, Joe Biden is a "Venusian individual," but the problem with his chart is that his cycles are moving down, Lerner reported. There has been speculation Trump might replace Pence with Nikki Haley as his VP candidate, and Lerner noted that she was born on a January 20th – the same day as the inauguration ceremony, which bodes well for her (possibly as a presidential candidate in 2024). Pete Buttigieg is also born near the inauguration date, he added. During the second hour, Lerner gave readings for callers based on their birth dates, and touched on the differences between a person's sun and moon signs.


In the latter half, author, counselor, and former Florida State Section Director for MUFON, Diane Tessman, discussed theories behind the UFO enigma and aliens, as well as various encounters with mysterious humanoid beings. Rather than hailing from other planets, she has concluded that the aliens visiting us are likely time travelers from our own future, and that our children's children may be their ancestors. If they were coming from other planets, they would be less likely to be humanoid in appearance, she suggested, and the ones that look insectoid could be arriving from a drastically different time period, than say the Nordics.

One reason UFOs have shown interest in our nuclear facilities, she speculated, is that 100,000 years in the future, humans may be dealing with the radioactive waste we buried in the ground. Regarding the Tic Tac UFO sightings in the news, Tessman believes these craft could be advanced AI systems, possibly unmanned. She chronicled her own alien encounters, sightings of strange discs, and an episode involving an odd beeping sound. Tessman detailed well-known incidents where humanoids were sighted, including the Lonnie Zamora case, and also touched on the theories and work of researchers Jacques Vallee, Michael Masters, Leonard Stringfield, and Jack Sarfatti.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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