Diane Tessman

Diane Tessman


Diane Tessman’s longtime UFO experiences include sightings, encounters, and abductions. Her very existence has been drastically altered due to the dynamic nature of this phenomena. Tessman underwent a series of face-to-face contacts with her "Special One" at an early age. She fells that this unique relationship resulted in a bonding between a cosmic and an earthly soul. Their relationship has lasted all of Diane's life leading to wisdom about the nature of the universe, including space and time travel. Her work is a unique, inspiring, and fun adventure which offers personal, never-before documented alien and paranormal experiences of a UFO abductee, channel, researcher, and world explorer.



Past Shows:

  • Afterlife Scenarios / UFOs & Time Travelers

    Stafford Betty described his concepts of the afterlife. Channeler and UFO experiencer Diane Tessman talked about her years of contact and received messages.More »
  • Astrology of Presidents / The Alien Puzzle

    Astrologer Mark Lerner reviewed the charts of Trump and 2020 candidates. Followed by Diane Tessman on the theory that aliens are time travelers.More »
  • Robotics & AI/ Alien Encounters

    In the first half, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults discussed the rapid advances in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) and why some people fear they will dominate the available jobs for humans, as well as eventually gain an upper hand over...More »