Strengthening the Immune System / The Pandemic & Remote Viewing

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Strengthening the Immune System / The Pandemic & Remote Viewing

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In the first half, pharmacist, nutritionist, and cosmetic chemist, Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, with a particular emphasis on strengthening the immune system in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. By taking care of the body, one may be able to reduce the severity of symptoms or resist infection, he remarked. The large number of fatalities in Italy from the virus are likely due to preexisting health conditions, Fuchs suggested, and a high percentage of men there smoke cigarettes, which adds a major risk factor. He cited three pathways to build up the immune system: food/supplements, the digestive system (where most of our immunity is located), and the psychological or mental approach.

Regarding food, one of the healthiest things people can do is eat less food as lowered caloric intake improves immunity, he said. When eating, choose nutrient-dense items like vegetable juice, as well as powerhouse immunity boosters like turmeric, garlic, ginger, cayenne, citrus fruits, red bell peppers, and papaya and pineapples (which are also excellent sources of enzymes). He also cited supplements such as zinc, Vitamin C, and NAC. Fuchs shared a variety of strategies to employ while staying at home, including exercise, finding a project, learning a new skill or language, being grateful for everything you have, reading, meditating, reducing news consumption, and practicing positive psychology.


In the latter half, renowned remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames discussed the current coronavirus pandemic and how he expects it will play out. He revealed a biowarfare connection to the virus' source, and noted his strong background in biological warfare (view citations). Dames said his team remote viewed the microbe using an early photograph from China released by the World Health Organization. The virus accidentally escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan "because one of the researchers was infected and didn't know it," he reported. "That's how it began...the laboratory was investigating biological warfare-type agents."

"I predicted this pandemic years ago on Coast to Coast," he stated, along with a global economic collapse coming on the heels of it. The virus has to run its course, he added, and there will likely be mass deaths in America as the disease can't be quarantined. The pandemic is a good "practice exercise" for Americans to become more self-sufficient, as he predicts things will be far worse when the "Killshot" (a monstrous solar flare) hits and the grid goes down. He foresees the current pandemic lasting around nine months, with millions dying, martial law enforced, and the 2020 election postponed. Dames also shared a tip he used to recover from a recent bout of pneumonia-- 20 drops of oil of oregano placed in a gallon of water, and drunk each day to fend off invasive microbes.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Howard Bloom

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