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Sports reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Ben Cohen, writes about the NBA, the Olympics, and other topics. In the first half, he discussed his investigation into the seductive idea that hot streaks not only exist but can be created. When your field allows you to take advantage of one success and turn it into a streak — it can be an incredibly powerful force. The hot streak or "Hot Hand," he explained, could be thought of as when "success leads to more success." The phenomenon has been studied in basketball. When a player sinks a basket, followed by several others, this success makes him feel more likely to keep the streak going. They are "on fire" or "in the zone," and this experience isn't exclusive to sports, he reported.

"There are times...when we are on a roll, and nothing can stop us. And what I've learned," he said, "is that if we take advantage of those times, they can elevate our careers," and change our lives to a certain degree. Rather than entirely random occurrences, hot streaks take place when talent meets circumstance, with a bit of luck thrown in, he detailed. Cohen cited how basketball player Stephen Curry rode the wave of the Hot Hand to become a truly legendary player, as well how various scientists, artists, and creators seem to have successes that come in bunches. For example, the plague made it possible for a quarantined William Shakespeare to capitalize on his Hot Hand in 1606, when he wrote three of his greatest tragedies back-to-back, including King Lear and Macbeth.


Are we surrounded by invisible beings, worlds & technology, whether military, ET, or spirits? In the latter half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren explored these questions and presented updates on his various projects and interests. He shared videos of what appears to be a partially cloaked triangular craft landing at Nellis AFB, and his own experiments creating invisibility. Such invisibility technology may be related to how anomalous phenomena like UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts seem to suddenly vanish, Warren suggested. He recalled a booming invisible force that interacted with him at the haunted Myrtles Plantation, where he slept overnight.

Alien abductions and unexplained disappearances may be accomplished through the use of invisibility technology, he continued. There are invisible realms around us, he added. "It's almost like we're fish in the same aquarium, but some of us are more transparent than others." Warren also talked about his plan to conduct an experiment using manifestation devices like the Wishing Machine to reduce the dire outcomes of the coronavirus spread (George announced he is planning to conduct a mass prayer experiment during his show on Friday, March 27th with a similar goal). Joshua also shared that his 'Finding Your Magick' conference will be held May 29-30 in Las Vegas.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Christian Wilde

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