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Climate Change & Geoengineering / NDEs & Spirit Communication

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Author and journalist Thomas M. Kostigen founded the Climate Survivalist column for USA Today. In the first half, he reported on the frontlines of geoengineering projects that scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and others are developing to solve the problems associated with climate change. He traveled from the Arctic to the desert, exploring geoengineering-- the large scale manipulation of the climate to counteract global warming. The biggest methods, he explained, are solar engineering, trying to reflect the sun more than nature does itself, such as painting dark surfaces like roofs white, and carbon engineering, literally taking carbon out of the air or atmosphere and using for other purposes.

Kostigen, while acknowledging that some efforts, if done recklessly, could be harmful, focuses on the positive aspects of these technologies, which could repair an increasingly out-of-control climate. Regarding the theory of "chemtrails" covertly manipulating the weather, he noted that no peer-reviewed scientific papers have emerged on the topic, and so he tends to discount it. He spoke about the work of Klaus Lackner, who has developed an artificial tree that can capture carbon at a million times the rate of a regular tree. A significant forest of these trees could potentially zero out all our carbon emissions, Kostigen marveled. An intriguing technology put forward by Bill Gates for a "hurricane killer," involves cooling the surface water of oceans, he added.


In the latter half, psychic, medium, and healer Debra Martin recounted the circumstances surrounding her three near-death-experiences, and how each one impacted and shifted her life. The first involved a serious car accident, where she believes a beneficent encounter with a stranger who suddenly appeared on the scene, may have been an act of divine intervention. During her third experience in 2012, while extremely ill, she became enveloped in a calming beam of light and conversed with a divine presence that held her. The voice explained that she had a choice about whether to stay or go back.

Afterward, her mediumistic abilities heightened, and she became more adept at communications with departed spirits, and healing people remotely. In dialogues with beings from the Other Side, "I've seen the most beautiful, clear blue water like we've never seen before," she recalled, along with incredibly vibrant flowers. Martin detailed a miraculous healing case she worked on involving a little girl who had an ear infection that was causing a critical illness. Martin said that during the session, she felt a pain in her own ear, and a popping release. Two days later, a foreign object came out of the girl's ear, in a manner that was inexplicable to her doctors.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Lauren Weinstein

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