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Decoding Dreams / Survival Communities

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Layne Dalfen, an expert in helping people decode their nighttime dreams, founded the Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal in 1997. In the first half, she revealed how to uncover solutions to personal issues and problems which appear in dreams every night. "At the first level of the dream is the discussion you are having with yourself about a very specific current issue...and you're speaking in the language of metaphor," she explained. Many dreamers she consults with are working out issues about the coronavirus, she reported. For example, in one woman's dream, a bathroom scale took on a strange significance, and Dalfen interpreted this as not being about weight but about the "wait" we are all dealing with in terms of quarantines and isolation.

She reviewed several "points of interest" in uncovering a dream's meaning-- one is the feeling that a dream produces, where a linked emotional experience might stand-in for the current concern, and is the unconscious mind's way of calling attention to it. Dream images or pictures can convey symbolic meanings, she continued, such as when a woman jumped out of a burning chair. This was her unconscious telling her to stop procrastinating, Dalfen said. Many things are simultaneously occurring in a dream-- we are using memories from the past, the present, and even from the future, she noted, "in order to problem solve something that is going on this week."


In the latter half, author Marshall Masters discussed survival communities and how in a "win-win" community, you can survive and thrive through camaraderie, technology, and hope for the future. He outlined survival community technologies for concrete dome structures and food production (Masters foresees that a Planet X-object will cause havoc as it passes closer to Earth, during its trip through the solar system). Concrete domes are among the strongest structures known to mankind, he remarked, and can be set up with radiation and impact shielding. Basalt, for instance, provides the same protection as steel, and layers of various materials can protect against an EMP attack, he cited.

One design for a 'win-win' community involves multiple clusters that combine service and residence domes, along with designated play areas for children. Regarding food sustainability, Masters proposed two plans-- a survival diet, involving American pioneer recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries with cast iron cooking, and the other for space colonists that resembles the Mediterranean diet and uses solar ovens. For a 'win-win' community on Mars, he suggested that the Red Planet already has the three most needed things: water, minimal soil, and "mineralization," which is essential to growing healthy food.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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