Preparedness Strategies / Energetic Fields

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Preparedness Strategies / Energetic Fields

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Retired nurse Edward Carswell spent 25 years working as an LPN. After Hurricane Katrina, he experienced an awakening about being prepared for disaster and achieving self-sufficiency. In the first half, he shared his journey to be as free as possible by living off the grid, and easy ways the average person can prepare for any disaster, including the current pandemic. To get started, make sure you have at least a two-week supply of food and water, he said, adding that it's helpful to have tradable goods or commodities on hand. Having some medical supplies such as an old-style thermometer, blood pressure cuff, nebulizer, stethoscope, and suture kit can be valuable, as well, he noted.

Carswell has his own solar power system, so he's not dependent on a utility company. "It's a wonderful feeling every month not getting that gas and electric bill," he enthused. He also has a well on his property that he uses in tandem with a Big Berkey water filter. In any emergency situation, especially if one extends for a long time, "your biggest threat to you is going to be your neighbors," he stated. Yet, he also advocated for teaming up with your community, as it's better to have your neighbors as allies than enemies. "Safety in numbers," he added, "is very, very important," as none of us can do this alone.


Ann M. Drake is a clinical psychologist, who apprenticed with a gifted shaman in Malaysian Borneo. For the past twenty-five years, she has devoted herself to a clinical and theoretical synthesis of shamanism and psychology. In the latter half, she talked about shamanic practices and our individual energy streams. Negative behaviors, some of which she characterized as karmic imprints, can be transformed if treated compassionately, she said. Energy is fluid and can be shifted-- "that's what shamanic healers do," she continued. "They change the vibration of the energy field to allow the body to heal."

Drake talked about energy vampires, who typically have a lot of "soul loss," she explained, which they try to remedy by taking others' energies, sometimes without conscious awareness that they're doing so. We all have spirit guides and power animals who can be protectors for our energy and vulnerabilities, she noted-- even during the pandemic, we can ask for their help and shielding. Positive energy and prayer can shift the vibration of fear, she commented, and "many people are holding different visions for healing the whole planet" at this challenging time. Our energy field is flexible, she added-- we can pull it in when we want to be left alone, and expand it out when we want more attention.

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