Banksters & Currency Wars / Past Life Regressions

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Banksters & Currency Wars / Past Life Regressions

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Former US Marine and venture capitalist Christopher Duane became a self-made millionaire by age 30. In the first half, he outlined what changes are needed to preserve freedom and independence from the forces of the world that prey on our ignorance and insecurity. There's a "tsunami's worth of inflation" on its way, courtesy of a global debt-based Ponzi scheme controlled and owned by "banksters," he warned. Those in the "banking cabal," he added, seek to create a new global currency, and are using the COVID-19 pandemic (planned in advance) as a cover. He puts some stock in the conspiracy theory that the new 5G networks, with their increased electrification, may be related to the coronavirus spread (Wuhan, China was reportedly the first city wired for 5G communications, he cited).

Duane argues for the elimination of fiat currency, and a return to the silver standard. Replacing the honest weights and measures of gold and silver for a monetary system with ballooning debts, could be leading us into the kind of hyperinflation seen in countries like Venezuela, he said. "Far too many," he stated, "are putting their power into the hands of people who would manipulate and divide humanity." Yet he foresees an American evolution where the banking cabal is dismantled, and citizens take their economic power back.


Hypnotherapist and past life regression specialist, Steve Burgess, has completed thousands of sessions, helping his clients with a wide range of issues. In the latter half, he discussed how we all carry emotional baggage from the past, and that many of our problems have roots in traumas from previous lives. Through the accessing of their past lives, his clients have overcome such conditions as depression, phobias, anxieties, addictions, and physical illnesses, he reported. During one hypnosis session, a man relived a traumatic past life in which he and his family were hiding from soldiers, and then were discovered and killed. While the man was shouting and screaming during the recall, at the end, he was completely calm and relieved of his long-standing anxiety, Burgess detailed.

Most past life therapy involves taking clients back to a traumatic death in a previous life, he cited. While that sounds scary, he noted, it allows for a release of energy that's locked into the subconscious and is at the root of their psychological or physical problem. Burgess estimates that most people have lived thousands of lives-- some of them even off-Earth as other lifeforms, or as animals. One of his clients shared a past life as an alien who crash-landed on Earth in a spaceship, and was mortified by humanity's violent nature. Another described a previous existence as a rock, which amounted to a rather boring regression session, Burgess quipped.

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