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Music Legends / Onboard UFO Encounters

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Brooks Arthur has crossed paths with some of the most vital people of the pop and rock era. As an engineer and producer, Arthur's been involved in seminal moments in rock history and has produced albums for Dusty Springfield, Janis Ian, and comedy legend Robin Williams. He joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss his history in the music business and how he's still a moving force with his company, Brooks Arthur Productions. Arthur outlined key moments in his career from his part-time gig at the mail room at Decca Records, where he also ran errands for music studios there, to his time as a songwriter at Alden Music.

He talked about his work producing records for all-girl groups The Chiffons and The Shangri-Las, and how he became known as the architect of the New York girl group sound. According to Arthur, some of his signature sounds were created by doubling vocal parts and switching singers' microphones. "Their vibratos would spin together and create its own little happy sound," he said. Placing a microphone out of phase also gave his recordings a wider and broader sound than other mono recordings of the day, he added.


Followed by UFO researcher, Preston Dennett, whose new book features fifteen original cases of people who report being taken onboard a UFO. He shared details of these incidents involving a wide variety of ETs including Grays, Praying Mantis entities, human-looking ETs, hybrids, and others. Dennett explained how he determines the authenticity of an abduction witness, noting "you can kind of tell right off the bat if someone is telling the truth." Credible witnesses are typically hesitant and nervous to share their accounts, they often do not want their names used, they haven't told anyone else in their lives, and they get very emotional while recounting what happened to them.

Most of the accounts in the book do not involve hypnotic regression and are instead fully conscious recalls of the encounters, Dennett revealed. Some common elements of the accounts include witnesses recalling small rounded rooms that are sterile with white or silver walls and indirect lighting, as well as parts of the craft which can turn transparent. Dennett reported on the case of a man named Ramón whose first abduction experience occurred at five years old. This was followed by four other abductions that same week and numerous experiences during his teen years, including a frightening encounter with Reptilian humanoids when he joined the military at 17. Ramón is 73 years old now and still having experiences, Dennett added.

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