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Parallel Realities / Open Lines

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Dr. Simeon Hein, a sociologist who studies subtle-energy sciences, discussed his latest work examining remote viewing, crop formations, UFOs, and related subjects. According to Hein, there are underlying scientific principles connecting these various phenomena. "It has to do with resonance and, I think, this increasing research that we see going on into parallel realities... could bring a lot of these topics together," he suggested.

Hein pointed out anyone can learn how to remote view. "It works the best when you're not trying to make it happen," he explained. Regarding crop formations, Hein reported meeting with witnesses who watched flying discs leave these patterns on the ground. The real surprise is formations made by UFOs and those created by humans exhibit the same strange effects on electronic equipment, he revealed.

Hein recounted the case of a man named Peter who witnessed a disc-shaped UFO land on a nearby hillside and a humanoid being depart the craft. Peter later received a phone call from an unidentified agency asking about his encounter, he added. Hein spoke about orbs, often seen in crop circles, describing them as self-sustaining and self-organizing quantum energy objects. He also pondered cold fusion as the means by which UFOs are powered.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Dr. Kevin, an infectious disease specialist and critical care doctor from Indianapolis, phoned in to clear up some misconceptions about the coronavirus, including the idea it is comparable to influenza. "I assure you it is not just a bad flu," he said, noting he can count on his hands how many patients over the years died directly from influenza. "I'm seeing people die every single day from coronavirus," he added. Dr. Kevin estimated the number of patients in ICU and on ventilators is double what is usual at his hospital.

Tom in La Jolla, California, told George about Dean Koontz's book, Dark Rivers of the Heart, which reveals who really runs the United States. "Dark Rivers of the Heart is a novel about the Deep State twenty years before there was a conversation nationally about the Deep State," he said. George brought up Koontz's prescient 1981 novel, The Eyes of Darkness, which mentions a viral biological weapon called Wuhan-400. Clair from Idaho reported seeing Elon Musk's Starlink satellites in the night sky two weeks ago and tonight. "They go from northwest to southeast in a perfect line... there's about thirty of them when I counted," she said.

The final half hour featured a replay of Art Rosengarten who discussed the mystery of the tarot.

News segment guest: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport

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