Extraterrestrial Science / Open Lines

Extraterrestrial Science / Open Lines


HostJimmy Church

GuestsAdam Apollo, Open Lines

As a child, Adam Apollo had several encounters with extraterrestrial (ET) starships. Since awakening at age 15, he has dedicated himself to extensive studies in theoretical physics, symbolic geometry, past-life recall, Taoist alchemy, martial arts, energy therapies, occult magic, and other ancient and modern spiritual traditions. Apollo joined guest host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to present his own ET encounter, and explain how these beings may be utilizing entanglement to communicate across interstellar space.

He described a female being he encountered as a beautiful version of a Romulan from Star Trek, with eyebrow bones wrapping back to her temples and small bone-like points on her cheeks and forehead. She wore clothes adorned in glowing geometric patterns, Apollo added. "I came into contact with the field of electromagnetic charge around her body, and suddenly it was as if somebody stuck a VR helmet on my head, and I was immersed in vision and in sound," he recalled. According to Apollo, his interactions with this being allowed him to remember how to spin up his merkaba field, portal out of his body, an enter a place with 73 different alien species.

Entanglement is when any two areas in space-time are in a state of quantum coherence, Apollo continued. It is possible to potentially pass information, energy, and matter through these entanglements, he explained, noting at the quantum energy level "the fabric of space-time could be stitched of wormhole networks." Apollo speculated ETs communicate via an entangled beaconing system which relies on encrypting two area of space-time with the same harmonic resonance. Consciousness may also involved in interstellar communications. Nano-scale structures within biological life forms allow them to interface with information "in the field," Apollo speculated. "The more we get in touch with our bodies... the more these higher level functions of information transfer and exchange begin to open up," he suggested.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the show. Deborah in Peoria, Illinois, told Jimmy about her a strange experience that occurred on the she buried her father. According to Deborah, she was in deep meditation when she began to feel as though she was "warbling" in the recliner. "As I was warbling I felt like I was shrinking... the next thing I'm up in [what appeared to be] the night sky," she revealed. Deborah has since come to think she was seeing atoms, not stars, and her location was a graveyard for souls.

Mike from Denver believes there may be a spiritual element associated with the current coronavirus epidemic. "There could be demonic things involved with the coronavirus," he suggested. Carl in Toronto, Canada, recommended the dietary supplement Echinacea for cold and flu, as well as the virus which causes warts. According to Carl, he received conventional medical treatment for his warts which did not work to eliminate them. He eventually tried drinking Echinacea tea and the warts reacted to his new regimen. "In three or four weeks my warts were all gone," he reported.


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