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In the first half, investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, known for his research on the Bilderbergers, talked about control efforts by transnational companies and banks, oil prices, current events, and the coronavirus landscape. We're seeing increased efforts at the globalization of the economy, he said, and the attack on oil values is a way to devalue the US dollar. Rather than being drastically different, the US and China are actually two sides of the same coin, he asserted. Yet, "the financial liberal globalist cartel/Deep State has taken up the Chinese position in a sense," and has collaborated on the coronavirus, he continued. The agenda is to bring economic collapse to the United States to assure Trump's defeat in the 2020 election, he suggested.

The 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report warned of a pandemic hitting in 2012. We are in 2020, but the 2012 pandemic they predicted looks eerily similar to what we're experiencing now with COVID-19, he commented. In the coming paradigm of a "transindustrial economy" involving robotics, AI, and transhumanism, "humans are becoming obsolete," Estulin pointed out. With this, the "global elite" have a problem: "What do they do with 90% of the global population that are simply no longer necessary?" Universal income is being looked at as a stopgap measure, he stated, "until they decide whether to kill us or do something with us." Going into this brave new world, we lack a conceptual vision, he noted, and for once, a change in the governing model won't be resolved by war.


In the latter half, psychic medium Mark Christopher Nelson talked about how he developed his gift of communicating with the Other Side, and his ongoing work with the spirit realm. The catalyst for his spirit communications was the murder of his father, which occurred when he was eleven-years-old. Rather casually, the spirit of his father started appearing to him, such as standing on the driveway of their house and at school. His Dad told him that he missed him, but he was OK. Nelson was initially perplexed and disturbed by these visions, and it wasn't until he was an adult that he began to seek out these experiences. He was able to hear his father's voice in his head, and he conveyed information that Nelson was later able to verify as accurate.

Later, Nelson's stepfather, who was a writer on the Johnny Carson show, also communicated with him from the afterlife. Nelson discovered that through meditation, he was able to clarify spirit voices from his own thoughts. He became adept at psychometry (perceiving emanations from objects), as well as receiving psychic impressions from visiting specific locations, including notorious crime scenes in Los Angeles. Regarding the coronavirus, according to his spirit guides, people should be smart and keep up the social distancing, but the disease will fade out as quickly as it arrived. Nelson co-hosts a podcast, Adventures in Health, where he offers his services as a medical intuitive.

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