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Veteran outdoorsman and paranormal researcher Steve Stockton discussed his lifelong fascination with strange and anomalous tales from the woods, as well as his own personal encounters with the unexplained. Stockton admitted his most unsettling experiences have occurred when all sounds in a forest inexplicably cease. "There's a time when you're in certain places in the woods where everything will go absolutely still and quiet," he said, noting how eerie it is when there are no sounds of birds, flowing water, or wind blowing through the trees.

There are things in the woods that we do not yet know about and lack explanations for, Stockton continued. He reported on the case of six-year-old Dennis Martin, who vanished mysteriously from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on June 14, 1969. According to Stockton, Dennis' father observed him run behind a bush to hide but could find no evidence of him when he walked over to investigate. "That was the last time they ever saw Dennis when he stepped around behind that bush... [he] left no trace, no clues," Stockton explained.

He talked about his grandmother, a self-proclaimed gypsy witch who told fortunes by reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, palms, and bumps on the skull. Stockton also shared his strange experience with ghost cats at his childhood home. He recalled the day he was reading comics in his bedroom and heard the sound of kittens mewing from under the floor. He reported investigating the crawl space under the house but never found a single kitten or cat on property. The baffling cat sounds went on for years, and a visiting friend claimed to hear the phantom kittens as well, Stockton added.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Julio in Riverside, California, recounted a bizarre experience he had working the night watch for the sheriff's department. According to Julio, he was running blacked out with no lights on his vehicle when he pulled into a T-intersection and observed a black Mustang one block to the left. The Mustang took off and he pursued it through a neighborhood that had only one way out. Julio admitted he was so close to the mysterious vehicle that pebbles where pelting his windshield. Then, suddenly, the car vanished. A law enforcement helicopter in the area found no heat signature for it, Julio added. The next night it happened once more and "the car disappeared again," he revealed.

Walter from Pennsylvania commented on Prime Minister Trudeau's recent ban of assault-style weapons in Canada. He compared Trudeau to King George of England who ordered his red coats to go house to house to collect guns from the colonists in America (the story which gave rise to Paul Revere's famous ride). They have no equivalent to our second amendment, Walter lamented. "If you ban guns, it's not going to turn society into Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," he suggested. Brenda in West Virginia, told George about the time she was visited by her deceased mother’s ghost. According to Brenda, her mother asked her to confront her father for the abuse he unleashed on his family. Brenda described her father as an evil man, and recalled the day she confronted him about it and watched his eyes turn from blue to black rolling liquid.

The final half hour featured a replay of Timothy Renner talking about his research into Bigfoot.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport

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