Pentagon UFO Footage / Alien Healing & DNA Tests

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Pentagon UFO Footage / Alien Healing & DNA Tests

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Author, journalist, and TV personality Nick Pope ran the British Government's UFO project at the Ministry of Defense. In the first half, he discussed the Pentagon's release of three short videos of "unidentified aerial phenomena," as well as other UFO news, and theories about aliens. The previous release of the Pentagon's infrared footage was considered "unauthorized," and the fact that they are officially releasing it now may be a timing issue, he surmised, possibly thinking it wouldn't draw much attention because of the pandemic. Rather than an ET presence, the footage could depict an intelligence operation or psyops, he noted, though the Pentagon's position is that the objects remain unidentified. 

Pope talked about his interview with former presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich on a recent Ancient Aliens episode. For the show, the two traveled back to Shirley MacLaine's home, where Kucinich had a vivid UFO sighting in 1982. Speculating on what alien beings might be like, Pope suggested they may have a kind of machine intelligence, as part of a post-biological universe, where advanced beings achieve a semblance of immortality. He also noted that in December, it will be the 40th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest incident, which is considered Britain's Roswell.


In the latter half, C2C investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her second interview with ufologist and investigator Teri Lynge-Kehl about her healing conducted by a benevolent Reptilian being (the earlier conversation was on the 9/26/19 show). Recently, Lynge-Kehl was able to get DNA results from her 2012 encounter, and the shocking results opened up a whole new avenue for hybrid species research. At the time of her encounter, she'd been in constant pain for years after surgery, but then a colorful Reptilian ET about 4 ft. tall appeared at her bedside. He carried an odd surgical instrument, like a "living biological wand," which he pressed onto her abdomen (the source of her pain). The being suddenly vanished, and her pain was gone as well (view related illustrations).

During her encounter, Lynge-Kehl was able to get a swab from her body where they interacted, which she froze. Nine years later, she met MUFON's forensic lab analyst Lynne Mann, who agreed to test the sample. Interviewed in Jones' second segment, Mann found a reptilian match on the DNA swab that related to the Tegu Salvator lizard family (the Planck Institute had done a full genome of the species). Mann was able to test a sample from the Tegu lizard and compared them to Lynge-Kehl's swab, and found a match. The results, the first of their kind, were published in a MUFON journal. Mann is hopeful that other samples will confirm her results, while Lynge-Kehl considers the findings to be a validation of her alien healing.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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