5G, Coronavirus, & the Future / Combating Curses

5G, Coronavirus, & the Future / Combating Curses


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsBen Stewart, Devin Hunter

Filmmaker Ben Stewart believes there is a growing mistrust of political, corporate, and scientific systems among the general public. In the first half, he offered a vision of the future as technology continues to evolve and merge with our existence. He also spoke about 5G, the coronavirus, and the 'Deep State.' 5G (the next-generation standard for mobile networks) requires the placement of many more antennas than 4G, and works on millimeter waves. It will be magnitudes faster and allow for such things as driverless cars, remote surgery, downloading of entire movies in three seconds, and increased surveillance, he reported. Stewart has studied the issue of whether 5G transmissions will be detrimental to human health as the planet becomes surrounded by these waves, and found evidence on both sides.

5G technology could affect cells in the human body, particularly in children, he has concluded, and we need to get wiser about protecting ourselves from the increased radiation and EMF it will bring. Wuhan, China was the first city to be blanketed with 5G. Yet, he does not believe the new technology was correlated with the coronavirus outbreak there, as some conspiracy theories have contended. Fueled by the technological leap of 5G, Stewart foresees a radically altered world by the year 2030, with the widespread adoption of driverless vehicles, stores solely operated by robots and sensors, a loss of what we consider privacy, and a completely different economy. In a sense, the pandemic quarantine has been a test for what job loss may look like with this next wave of technology, he suggested.


Occult expert Devin Hunter has been practicing witchcraft since childhood, and helps guide people through various paranormal and spiritual experiences. In the latter half, he discussed a surge in negative energy and curses being experienced by a variety of his clients, and what he's doing to neutralize the detrimental effects. He detailed the case of a woman who inherited an heirloom ring that seemed to be cursed or cause negative behaviors. Many times, he noted, curses can be sent unconsciously, such as the "evil eye," when a person covets something that someone else has. Typically, when someone is cursed, it plays out with a string of bad luck, he explained, rather than any type of supernatural occurrences.

The mind is powerful, and "we are capable of creating a lot of the issues that often lead to curses," he explained. Accordingly, he works with people on differentiating the surrounding factors in their life, and clearing out obstacles, as well as availing spiritual assistance in the form of angels and allies. There are practical ways to combat negative energies, Hunter continued, such as physically getting away from a troubled environment, or spending revitalizing by time in nature. To alleviate the oppressiveness of a haunted or cursed home, he recommended creating the opposite effect. Invite friends over, drink wine, and start laughing, he said. Then, go through the home and touch all the walls, as though you're re-writing over the negative forces.

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