Roger Stone Update / Amazing NDE Case

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Roger Stone Update / Amazing NDE Case

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Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative, pundit, and served as a campaign aide to three Republican presidents. In the first half, he discussed his recently lifted gag order about his conviction on seven counts, including witness tampering and lying to investigators, and why he believes he is a victim of a "deep state" takedown. "I've been the target of a political prosecution," he declared, "and I am the last victim of the Mueller witch hunt." Stone was found guilty of deceiving the House Intelligence Committee about his efforts to obtain information from WikiLeaks, regarding the Democratic Party emails that had been hacked by Russian operatives. However, he said that prosecutors offered him a "deal" in July of 2019, in which he would potentially serve no jail time if he would reveal what transpired in his phone calls with then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Stone turned this down, and in February 2020, he was sentenced to over three years in prison.

They wanted me to lie and "rollover on Donald Trump," he continued, and "that was the real reason I was prosecuted." Stone was critical of the dawn raid at his home (covered by a CNN camera crew), which cost taxpayers $1.1 million, when he was initially arrested. They knew I had legal representation at the time, he noted, and "that I could have simply turned myself in." He referred to his trial as a "kangaroo court," and painted his jury as far from impartial. Stone plans to write a book about his experiences because "the average citizen needs to know that in the blink of an eye you can lose all your constitutional freedoms" and be infringed upon and manipulated by the US government.


In 2006, David Ditchfield was dragged under a speeding train in a freak accident at a rail station in Cambridgeshire, UK. As the surgeons fought to save him and reattach his arm, he had a profound near-death experience (NDE). He began to see pulsating colors and orbs of light, and then suddenly sensed a presence. It was a beautiful androgynous being that seemed to be watching over him like a guardian angel. He found himself lying on a kind of stone altar, and as he looked at his body, he saw no injuries. Three hovering white lights appeared over his head, and two female figures emanated intense energies of love, as they performed a kind of Reiki healing, he recounted. 

He assumed that he was dead and was able to look down to the hospital, and saw a sort of waterfall of stars and realized he was in the universe itself. He also witnessed a tunnel made of light that contained massive energy that he connected with God. After recovering, he discovered that he'd acquired astonishing new abilities. He found he could create dramatic paintings of what he had seen in the afterlife, far beyond any artistic capacity he'd had before (view selections). He was then surprised to find that he could compose classical music, though he never received any training. His debut NDE-inspired symphony, titled The Divine Light, played to sold-out audiences and received standing ovations.

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