Roswell Chronicles / Lincoln Conspiracy / Pandemic Dreams

Roswell Chronicles / Lincoln Conspiracy / Pandemic Dreams


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsBrad Meltzer, Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, Lex 'Lonehood' Nover

In the middle two hours, Roswell researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss their continued investigation of the 1947 incident and their newest work on the infamous UFO case, Roswell: The Chronological Pictorial. The coffee table book is filled with more than 460 photographs as well as maps of the crash site. "It takes you from the time of the crash... right up to the present," Carey said. It eliminates many questions and fills in gaps in the story, Schmitt noted, adding "it solidifies the case, we believe, greater than ever." One of those questions has always been what brought the craft down. According to Schmitt, the expanse of the debris field shows the object was undone by either an internal equipment malfunction or a lightning strike.

It is, in fact, lightning that helped them set the precise day of the crash, which has oscillated between dates in the first week of July. Carey explained how they pinpointed the exact date of the incident, July 2, 1947, by examining meteorological records. The testimony of several witnesses included details of a thunderstorm which only occurred on July 2 during the first week of that month in 1947, he added. Schmitt shared his theory regarding why there were more UFO sightings in New Mexico than anywhere else at that time. That region was the location of the first detonated atomic bomb as well as the country's most advanced technology, he reported. "It was as though someone else was very interested in our military potential," Schmitt suggested.


In the first hour, author Brad Meltzer delved into the little-known first secret plot to kill President Lincoln in 1861, which he examines in full in his latest work, The Lincoln Conspiracy. Lincoln was despised in the southern states because he was not explicitly pro-slavery, Meltzer explained. The state of South Carolina threatened to secede from Union after he was elected president, he added. Meltzer shared details from the story which follows Lincoln as he takes a train from his home in Springfield, Illinois through Baltimore, Maryland on the way to Washington, D.C. A secret society plans to ambush Lincoln when the train arrives in Baltimore, he noted. Four people who are not who they claim to be are on the train, including Lincoln who is disguised as a woman's invalid brother, Meltzer revealed. "They put him on there to hide him from the secret society," he said.


During the final hour, C2C web producer Lex 'Lonehood' Nover, who chronicled in his book Nightmareland how the unconscious, dreams, and strange entities intermingle, talked about the results of his survey of Coast listeners about their pandemic-era dreams and how they have changed under self-isolation. "We're pulling content [from further back in our memory banks] because we're not getting enough of our normal stimulation... that could be a factor in contributing to the oddness of people's dreams of late," Lex explained. He described a few dream accounts he received, including one from a nurse who pulled the sheet off of a DOA patient to reveal himself on the stretcher, and another who survived a tsunami then saw haunting images from a shipwrecked cruise ship. A few individuals dreamed of drowning, Lex added. He also shared his own bizarre dream of a stranger in his backyard trying to get into his house, which he believes represented the coronavirus entering a body.



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