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USAF Maj. George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth's atmosphere after World War II. Award-winning investigative reporter John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer. In the first half, he joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss Filer's accounts of UFO reports. Guerra said that Filer was at first dubious of unidentified object reports, but was shaken out of his complacency by his own dramatic sighting from a refueling aircraft over the UK in 1962. The pilot was asked to divert to an area near Stonehenge, where the entire flight crew witnessed a glowing, metallic object which appeared on radar as the "size of a large bridge." As the aircraft approached, the object "shot straight up into space." A later formal dinner with other air personnel and even Prince Phillip (a pilot himself) confirmed that the intruder had been seen periodically in the skies for many weeks.

Filer was also witness to an incident during the Cuban Missile Crisis when a disc-shaped aircraft entered American airspace over New York at "73,000 feet" and led U.S. and Canadian jets on a chase north of the border that ended with the UFO shooting into space somewhere over Alaska. Another incident which strangely presaged the more famous "Nimitz UFO" encounters of 2004 occurred off the coast of Virginia in 1967. During a training exercise, a group of objects entered the airspace and were apparently tracked and recorded on gun camera video. Filer also told him about an apparent shooting of an alien being at McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey in 1978. According to the soldier left to guard the body, it had an "ammonia smell." Filer said he heard from this guard that the body was quickly taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.


Tim Scullion has embarked on a haunting journey over six years and 20,000 photos to capture apparitions. In the second half, Scullion talked about the images he's captured that defy explanation. He began as a tour guide in colonial Willamsburg, Virginia, which he stated contains the most remaining original 18th century buildings in the country. Scullion said that at first he was skeptical of any ghost activity, until a woman on one of his tours captured a "full-blown apparition" on her phone of someone who "appeared to be in 18th century costume." Soon after, he acquired some professional digital photographic equipment and began to take photos around Willamsburg in earnest, attempting to capture his own ghost images. He developed his skills to the point where he says that he gets something significant on camera in "every 40 to 50" photographs.

Scullion said that his best results tend to be during "the times of the full moon, particularly if the moon is visible, not behind the clouds." He also found that the ghosts were not always present in older and traditionally haunted buildings, but gradually realized that strange things would show up in his images based on the history of the property. Scullion said that he also visits sites that have been featured on ghost hunting shows and tends to get good results. He spoke about his day at Penhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania, where there seemed to be "ghosts around every corner." Scullion discussed his theory of anomalous "orbs" as "a concentration of intelligent electromagnetic energy" that can "stand outside the parameters of time and space" which would allow them to go through walls and project an appearance of the person that the ghost would have been in life.


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Tim Scullion shared images of his ghost photography. In this image, Colonial Williamsburg's "Lady in White" moves sideways across the photo. See more photos here.

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