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Coronavirus Conspiracy / Spirit Communication

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In the first half, writer and documentary film producer G. Edward Griffin discussed his analysis of the coronavirus "theater" and why he believes the lockdown is a blatant power grab by politicians who are ignoring science and data. He believes the virus was developed in a lab as a type of bio-weapon. Griffin shared details from his article, "The Top Eight Myths about Covid-19," starting with the assumption that flattening the curve will avoid an overload of patients at hospitals and reduce deaths. Prolonging the epidemic actually delays "herd immunity" (when most of the population has been exposed) and will result in more contagion among vulnerable populations, he suggested.

The prediction of millions of death unless we enforce drastic measures is based on faulty or biased computer models that are a form of propaganda, he continued. Another boondoggle, Griffin asserted, is the idea that everyone needs to be tested for the virus, as that also delays the eventuality of herd immunity. He contended that the need for everyone to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is also a myth. In the past few decades, vaccine science has become tainted by conflicts of interest, political agendas, and profit-taking, he remarked. Griffin announced the formation of his Red Pill University, an online "gathering place for truth-seekers," whom he hopes will band together to start a movement.


In thousands of private and group sessions, spiritual medium Carole J. Obley has communicated with souls who have crossed over. In the latter half, she spoke about how contact with the spirit world can be a catalyst in healing grief, and that we are currently going through a great "reset" in the face of the pandemic. During some of her recent readings, clients' ancestors are coming through and talking about their tough times, such as living through the Depression and the challenges they overcame. She has conducted readings for the loved ones of suicide victims and those who died from drug overdoses. Obley has found that in such cases, the communicating spirit is never happy about their choice, and has to work through regret over cutting their life short.

She has recently delved into the Akashic files or records, which are said to be the sum total of what the soul has done from the beginning of time. These energetic codes or records are attached to the soul and always with us, she said. They include experiences of non-physical realms, and between lives. If some of these records are painful or negative, we can re-frame our reaction to them, as we all have the power and gift of choice, Obley noted. She stressed the importance of forgiveness, which can be viewed as a "release of the past" and an opportunity to remember our own divine identity.

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