Cryptids and Legends of Alaska / Open Lines

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Cryptids and Legends of Alaska / Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, author and paranormal researcher David Weatherly discussed his latest work on cryptids and legends of Alaska. Musing that there's "something otherworldly" about the state, he noted that it not only boasts an abundance of Bigfoot and lake monster reports, but also tales of thunderbirds and still-living woolly mammoths said to roam the vast wilderness of the state. On the subject of Sasquatch, Weatherly shared the story of a now-abandoned village known as Port Chatham, where residents suddenly fled their homes around 1973 due to repeated encounters with a terrifying creature that they called the "big hairy man." According to local lore, this proverbial monster was suspected of being responsible for a series of strange deaths, including one case where a logger was killed with a piece of equipment that was too big for any human to lift on their own as well as hunters who went missing in the woods.

During his appearance, Weatherly also provided an update on his research into the infamous 'Black Eyed Kids' phenomenon, specifically accounts of these entities from books that were written prior to the beings becoming a well-known concept in recent years. To that end, he recounted an intriguing incident that was detailed in a 1976 book on Bigfoot wherein a man was visited at 3:30 in the morning by a pair of teenagers claiming to have run out of gas and walked several miles to his home in search of a dime to use a nearby payphone. However, Weatherly said, they spoke in a strangely formal language, their clothes were pristine, and the man could recall every detail of their appearance except their eyes. After giving them a dime and seeing them off, the witness decided to give them a flashlight to help them find their way down the long dark road to the phone, but when he went back outside of his home, the mysterious strangers had seemingly vanished into thin air.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Tammy in Palmer, Alaska reacted to David Weatherly's appearance with some of her own strange stories from the region, including a chilling tale of what she called 'the little people.' According to her, there was a particularly unsettling incident in her town back in the 1990s in which a woman's daughter was outside playing in their yard when the mom spotted one of these diminutive entities "darting back and forth really fast" on the edge of her lawn. Moments later, Tammy said, "this thing took her daughter and she's never been found." She also talked about accounts of people seeing blue orbs and hearing the sounds of women or children in distress, but when they ventured out to find the troubled individuals, they would perish under horrific circumstances. Other callers during the evening included Amir in Vancouver, Canada, who recounted his great-grandfather's encounter with a 'desert ghoul' and Louise from Louisville, who shared her theory that the mysterious Mandela Effect is actually explained in the Bible.

The final half-hour featured a replay of the late Stanton Friedman discussing the UFO phenomenon.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport

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