Investigating the Paranormal on Navajo Lands

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Investigating the Paranormal on Navajo Lands

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Veteran law enforcement officer Jonathan Dover joined George Knapp for a riveting discussion about his work officially investigating and documenting significant cases involving UFOs, Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, and other strange activity on Navajo Nation lands. Explaining that the region encompasses a whopping 27,000 square miles of land and is home to around 450,000 people, he mused that "the reports have always been there," but they had largely only been anecdotal until he and his partner in the Navajo Nation Rangers were tasked with looking into such calls. Although less than one percent of their overall work involved high strangeness, Dover noted, these reports were often truly amazing events.

To that end, he shared one such incident, which happened to be their first UFO case, wherein an old man living in a remote location saw a craft land near his home. From the vehicle, Dover recalled the witness reporting, exited four diminutive beings with large heads, black eyes, and skintight suits. These entities appeared to be searching for something on the ground and eventually approached the man's home, where they were seemingly fascinated by some solar lights that he had in his yard. When the witness went out to investigate the situation, he inadvertently tripped and fell, alerting the surprised visitors to his presence and sending them fleeing back to their craft, which promptly departed the scene, by way of an odd gliding motion as if they were hovering above the rough terrain below them.

Regarding Skinwalkers, Dover described them as individuals who have acquired the ability to take on the form of any animal, provided they are wearing the skin of the creature at the time. Such people, he said, appear to have cracks in their skin as if they were painted, wear a loin cloth, and carry with them either a hollowed-out stick or human bone that is used to blow what is called 'corpse powder' on their unwitting victims. Chillingly, Dover revealed that one can only become a Skinwalker if they willingly allow for their closest loved one to perish as part of the process and, once a person has attained the fantastic powers, they can never return to a normal life or else they will also be killed.

Another astounding story detailed by Dover involved a woman seeing a bright red light in the sky while driving home at night. Initially thinking that it was a helicopter, she was stunned when it appeared beside her car on the road and it was now approximately the size of a volleyball. After traveling alongside her vehicle for a while, the anomalous orb then took off into the night "like a shooting star." Strangely, when the woman arrived home, she was stunned to see a four feet tall rabbit sitting in her driveway. Terrified by the sizeable creature, she sat in her car for twenty minutes mustering up the courage to run into her house. Dover indicated that UFO investigators who subsequently studied the case suggested that the sizeable rabbit may have actually been a screen memory created by whatever had been behind the mysterious ball of light.

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