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Planet X & Technology Innovation / Para-Anthropology & Ghosts

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In the first half, former professor of mathematics and physics at Cornell University, James McCanney discussed his recent projects working on space and wind technology, and his longstanding study of Planet X. He related the idea of a Planet X to his concept that large comets can form into planets, and the work of Robert Harrington of the Naval Observatory. In the 1980s, Harrington and Tom Van Flandern began looking for an object they called Planet X. They found it in 1989-- something coming in from the southern reach of the solar system that was about four times the mass of Earth, and it eventually became the nucleus of the Hale-Bopp comet, McCanney suggested.

Zecharia Sitchin actually got his estimate of Nibiru's (Planet X) elliptical orbit at 3600 years from Harrington, McCanney recounted, but Harrington later revised his estimate to 4200 years. In contrast to Sitchin, McCanney does not believe that Nibiru is inhabited because its temperature is so hot. Yet, there was intelligent signaling coming from the area of the comet, he reported. This led him to conclude that alien beings use the comet's mass for "braking and accelerating [when] coming in and out of the solar system." McCanney was awarded the 2018 Water Abundance XPRIZE for his innovative JMCC Wing, a wind-powered water generator. The smaller generators are now being marketed, he announced, and "eventually we can scale these up to replace nuclear and coal power plants."


Dr. Jack Hunter is an anthropologist exploring the borderlands of consciousness and religion. In the third hour, he spoke about anthropology's engagement with the paranormal, and physical mediumship, while posing questions about consciousness, spirits, and the nature of reality. He postulated that we are part of a "participatory organic cosmos" in which we interact with different intelligences, and that could be the mechanism behind paranormal phenomena. Hunter detailed his field research of mediums in the UK, including an incident where it was as though his left hand "became possessed" during an open development session in which spirits were invited to come through.

During the last hour, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared updates. Now based in Las Vegas, he described how he and his wife have recently encountered a ghostly spirit in their home. Appearing as a middle-aged woman dressed in blue, the entity seems to want to convey something. Though he has courted the arrival of spirits, and even experimented with creating portals for them to access, Warren was surprised to find the presence of this entity in his home to be a bit scary and disconcerting. He also talked about how certain sigils and symbols can contain or channel energy.

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