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In the first half, biologist Merlin Sheldrake talked about the important role fungi play in our ecosystems, and their symbiotic nature. Differentiating fungi from mushrooms, he explained that mushrooms are like the fruit of a tree. They are the part of the organism that produces spores (the equivalent of seeds), "but for most fungi, they live their lives as branching networks of tubular cells," or mycelial networks, he said, which can be below the ground, in the soil, in wood, or animal bodies. Some networks can be as tiny as the head of a pin, while others are vast, such as a fungal network in Oregon that spills across 10 square kilometers and is between 2,000 and 10,000 years old.

Fungi are as broad a category as animals and plants. The organisms transformed our world, allowing plants to migrate out of the water onto land 450 million years ago, said Sheldrake (who is the son of longtime C2C guest Rupert Sheldrake). While there are harmful fungal diseases, that is just one small aspect of their mostly hidden universe. The term "Wood Wide Web" refers to how fungi grow inside plant roots and extend outwards. "They are engaged," he said, "in a very ancient reciprocating ...symbiosis with plants," with each side beneficially nourishing the other. Further, fungi are the Earth's great decomposers and can break down polluted areas and toxic chemicals into benign matter.


David Sereda has studied meditation, world religions, ancient history, and alternative Zero Point energies for over 40 years. In the latter half, he shared his analysis of the US Navy pilot/Pentagon UFO accounts and the science behind speed capability and G-forces when flying. Some news accounts have compared the anomalous craft captured in the military footage to missiles and drones, but such objects, he noted, cannot reach velocities of 60,000 mph that the UFOs demonstrated. In the FLIR footage (shot by a pilot aboard the USS Nimitz in 2004), he did a frame by frame review and found that the object appears to split into two monopoles (see graphic below), and has a vortex spiral structure.

An officer on the Nimitz, Sean Cahill, saw luminous objects disappear through a vortex, Sereda recounted. These objects, Sereda continued, disappeared off radar near the coast of Baja, Mexico, where it was discovered that there's a magnetic geophysical anomaly on the north end of the island at the same latitude as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and the Houston NASA Control Center. That latitude band may be an entry-exit point, a kind of stargate, he posited, possibly used by the Sirius star system, whose beings are said to be interested in our ocean system. Sereda also commented on technology that seems to enable UFOs to drop on a dime after moving at incredibly high speeds, suggesting that they reduce their mass to zero when they perform such maneuvers.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Chuck Coppes


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David Sereda shares these graphics. Pictured above, FLIR UFO Frame-by-Frame Analysis. Below: Nimitz UFOs disappear off Radar at nearly-identical North Latitude as the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

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